The Force from Within – Oh My Ghostess

Happy Friday!

Finally a Friday all to myself and I have two plans:

  • Plan A: re-watch really good k-movies and/or k-dramas.
  • Plan B: new k-dramas marathon.

OK, let me start this post by getting these out of my chest: Park Bo-Young is uber cute and pretty! I’m an unnie fan please let me know your skin routines cause yours is porcelain smooth! I’m also a fan of Jo Jung-Suk whose acting in this drama, Oh My Ghostess a.k.a 오 나의 귀신님, could easily come out as awkward. But in my humble opinion, it’s actually a talent to be seen THAT natural on screen! And may I add: hats off to tvN as they always successfully bring forward unique storylines with amazing cinematography qualities + tones that befit each and every mood of their dramas!

Credit to: tvN

“There’s a ghost living inside me” is basically what’s the drama is all about. Na Bong-Sun, the quiet-timid-scaredy-cat-anti-social girl trying to follow her dream *and her dream-man* by joining Kang Sun-Woo’s kitchen team. As she keeps her not-so-attractive-nor-promising qualities as she is scrambling around trying to catch her falling star, a ghostess with a totally different character posses her to achieve her own agenda.

I’m not really inclined about Shin Soon-Ae’s little agenda and the fact that three characters end up in a love triangle *duh-of course!*, but I like the idea letting something good into yourself and possess to help you be the next level of yourself.

Disclaimer: By “letting something into and possess your soul”, I do not mean nor believe in things like ghost, spiritual beings, or other things that does not belong in human naturally. But more like values, good character, fighting spirit and by the gifts and the charisma of the Holy Spirit that God has provided us with.

Credit: tvN
Credit: tvN

Jittery Na Bong-Sun and bright Shin Soon-Ae. It actually takes a lot of courage to let a new personality to come into you and take you over. Let alone to learn from someone who has a totally different personality from you.

The problem is to still be loved, despite of the changes.

While Bong-Sun has been admiring Kang Sun-Woo for the longest time, she did not have what it takes to put herself and heart out in the open. We all now know that Shin Soon-Ae tried to intervene and brought Na Bong-Sun version 2.0 to live. But Kang Sun-Woo was in the dark of what was going on behind the closed curtains and presented only with the changes. The changes itself were so confusing for both parties. Na Bong-Sun worried that chef Sun loved only the new her (Shin Soon-Ae) and not the real herself *what was it anyway?* and got confused of who she really was. Whereas chef was also faced with the “lies” and the “who is it that you really love, chef.”

“It’s not me that you like.” – Bong

I love Sun-Woo’s line, somewhere in the middle of the series, where he said along the line that he likes Bong-Sun’s “medium version”. No matter how much we tried to change, we still need to keep our same middle ground. It’s still our self, just a better version but definitely not a total stranger we are not meant to be.

“I really like today’s Na Bong-sun” – Ep. 7

Credit to: tvN, Subs: Drama Fever
Credit to: tvN, Subs: Drama Fever

Na Bong-Sun absorbed all the right points that makes her stronger and learn to fake it till  she makes it from Shin Soon-Ae. I guess with that tons of courage she mustered up she was finally able to confidently say “here is the new version of me. The old one was me and so is the new one”.

Of course like any other good drama, it ended sweet and happy. Bong-Sun found her new zest for life while appreciating her past journey. And chef realized that he has actually loved the old timid version of bong-sun *oh her sunshine blog!!!*, he had been there through her turbulence that came with the changes, and he would always love her new self even after all of that.

So for those of you going through changes, whatever it is, accept it with courage and believe in yourself. Changing forces that comes within should let you be a better version of yourself, not for you copy paste someone else’s version to yourself. Do not let changes be for other people/specific person. Let it be for your own improvement. At the end of the day, those who matter will stick with you throughout the process and will love you regardless.

Look around and see who are your Shin Soon-Aes and remember which strength/plus points did you (are you) learn(ing) from them? Most importantly, who are your Kang Sun-Woos? Found one/more? You better keep ’em for good!
To all Na Bong-Suns out there, FIGHTING!!


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