“A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” – Thank You

This Monday is a start of a great but long and busy week! *I gulped down a can of coke early this morning and had one tylenol pill already. Friends, please pray for me so the week will treat me fair and well*

What other remedy could  be better than to have a walk with a good song as the soundtrack *and oh writing therapy!*. So here goes a R&B meets acoustic song:

I have a thing about watching one (or doing it myself) performances (or ministries) with one’s bf/gf/some/husband/wife/significant others. I think it kinda prove your teamwork and commitment, not only toward each other, but also towards each others talents and it highlights your effort to help each other shine brighter.

When I first encountered 고마워/Thank You, I fell for the unique R&B voice of Jung In that is well complimented though it is unplugged/acoustic-ish song. The lyrics is also honest, but easy to connect to. I first thought It featured a mysterious guy/guitarist by the stage name of “남자 친구/Boyfriend”. I was so surprised to find that the guitarist, 조정치/Jo Jung-Chi, was actually her boyfriend (now husband). I, then, went to listen to the song again and it gave a completely different feel and meaning to it:

Lyrics and Translations:

고마워 – 정인 Feat. 남자친구

Thank You – Jung In Feat. Boyfriend
내가 만든 나의 모습이 참 싫어 / I really hate the appearence I made of myself

어딜 봐도 하나 괜찮은 구석 없는 나지만 / i, who could not see any part of me that seems ok

부끄럽더라도 있는 그대로 날 보여주고파 / Even though embarrassing, I still want to show whatever self that I have

그래도 날 믿어주는 네가 있으니 / Even so, I have you who believe in me
끝없이 밀려오는 자기 연민의 / with never ending surge of self-pity

늪에서 구해주는 유일한 사람 / the only person who come to me from the swamp

고마워 친구 / Thank you, friend

고마워 / Thank you
어딜 가나 눈에 띄지 않는 나였지 / Wherever I go I will not be eye-catching

그렇게 특별할 것도 없던 나에게 넌 말해주네 / nothing special in me but you said to me

눈부시다고 / that I’m dazzling

빈약한 내 마음 구석구석 너의 / Into the corners of my poor heart

사랑이 스며들어가네 / your love seeps into it

넌 나만의 천사 같아 / you are like an angel all to my self
끝없이 밀려드는 거친 파도 / never ending rough waves keep on pushing

속에서도 용기 내 볼게 / despite that I will muster up some courage

삶의 8할이 찬 바람이래도 /

오늘 네 미소 기억해 / I remember your smile today

고마워 친구 / Thank you, friend

고마워 / Thank you
끝없이 밀려오는 자기 연민의 / with never ending surge of self-pity

늪에서 구해주는 유일한 사람 / the only person who come to me from the swamp

고마워 친구 / Thank you, friend

고마워 / Thank you

Do I need to say anything else about this song?

Let’s be real, the more we get to know someone, the more we get to see all the bright and dark sides that person has. To have your best friend(s) who knows your insecurities and weaknesses and still say that you are dazzling in his/her eyes; and to have someone to believe in you and save you from the dark tunnel of your inequities when you can’t even trust in yourself, that ain’t a K-drama style fairytale! This is a real life story! Take a look around and find that 친구/friend is right there with you and you don’t have to look far for them. It will be sweet if that friend is that one special friend, like Jung In and Jo Jung-Chi; but be blessed if you can realize that friends are in your closest circle, in the form of your: fam jam, cell group members, bffs, cousins, etc.

To have someone beside you as a comrade in life that will stay beside you No matter how tainted your life/past/self is. That person who could save you and appreciate you, have you thanked/talked to that friend lately?


One thought on ““A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” – Thank You

  1. sivibi

    hahaha…Now I am starting to follow your blog, I found it is not surprising anymore to see what you posted is actually something that I personally fond too. hahahahaha
    Gah. this feels weird yet exciting.
    I love this girl so much as well. Found her on Immortal Songs 2 before.
    Med… I really pray that our plan in April will be real 🙂


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