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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Gyeong Suk Kim

    Hi there,

    I’m leaving message here to ask If you are the person who I met in Vancouver.

    Are you Meda?

    If you are, I’m Kimmy from Urban fare.^^

    Did you come to Korea? If yes, when? I’m so sad that I missed a chance to meet you!


    1. Meda

      Hi Kim.. I hope you’ll get this
      I miss you so much
      sorry I didn’t tell you that I went there because it was on a very short notice anyway..
      But I promise you that I will let you know next time =)
      Yeah I’m back in Vancouver now…
      you should come visit and we’ll have a UF reunion party or something with Anna, Brian, Kimmy and everyone else!! =)


  2. tika

    I am not korean but i love korean food. I wanted to ask if it is safe for a pregnant women to eat hot pepper paste since it is fermented .

    Thanks in advance


  3. kaoru

    hi, just wonder that is it possiblt that fic student join ur club?
    im japanese. and i really want to study korean.
    actually i was studing korean in my high school, but i want to improve my korean .


  4. Benny

    Hi, I recently became addicted to Korean Culture . This is due to watching “Running Man” and “Family Outing”. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice blog, by the way.

    I am also Indonesian and currently working and living in Melbourne, Australia. I plan to visit Seoul in April. I plan to apply for Korea visa in Jakarta as I can’t apply for one in Australia due to work commitments.

    I found your blog site when I was googling about South Korean embassy in Jakarta.
    Could you please share your first hand experience applying visa in Jakarta?
    Please reply me by email.

    Thanks, ๐Ÿ™‚


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