Happy Pepero Day – The Millennium Year

Finally it’s the 11 – 11 – ’11 in Vancouver time

Happy pepero day all my Korean and Korea lovers readers! =D

if you don’t know what pepero day is let me first explain to you what ppeppero/pepero (빼빼로) is! Ppeppero is a stick like biscuit/pretzel, usually covered with chocolate and/or other flavoured syrup. It’s the Korean brand/name/version for Japanese snack called Pocky.

pepero & pocky

Pepero day is celebrated by the young people (both singles and couples) in South Korea. It is celebrated on every 11 November, well, because 11/11 resembles ppeppero/pocky sticks. Right?! hehehehe

Anyhow, according to some sources there are some theories of how this celebration emerged. But the most interesting story for me is the one which said that

[it] was started in 1994 by students at a girls’ middle school in Busan, where they exchanged Pepero sticks as gifts to wish one another to grow “as tall and slender as a Pepero.

source: wiki

No matter how it was started, the tradition of giving pepero to dear friends, family members, and ESPECIALLY to the person one like, has been very popular in South Korea. Hmm.. I wonder how much profit could the *ehemm* brand names of this snack could get in just one day?! =D Not only buying the ready-made pepero, some people even make/decorate their own pepero sticks! *share your beautiful pepero pictures if you will on the comment below/on my facebook page =)*

My friend Chris told me about the pepero day last year. The way he told his story reminded me of Valentine day, somehow.

Anywayysss.. I hope you will get manyyyy manyyyyy peperos! ] Or if the ‘culture’ has not reached you yet, just buy some and enjoy it (by yourself or share it with anyone)! it’s the millennium year of pepero day after all! 11/11/11 =P

Oh last but not least.. I’m presenting you 2 Fun Videos about Pepero Day from vloggers/bloggers I love!! 

Pepero Day in Korea – by Simon and Martina of eatyourkimchi.com =D

PEPERO SHOWDOWN – 빼빼로 쇼다운 – by p00lman feat Hyunwoo Sun – 선현우 of talktomeinkorean.com

Happy Pepero Day from me ♥♥

May 8th, 2011

Do you know what day is today?

it’s SUNDAY!! hahaha yes it’s sunday but more than that it’s Mother’s day in North America and Parent’s Day (어버이 날) in South Korea!

Mother’s day is a tradition that is known across the globe. Each country celebrates it on different dates, but all hold on to the same meaning: giving thanks to Mother, the hero of our life who sacrifice herself for the well-being of her children. I adore my mom. But wait, she’s not doing it all by herself. what about the Dads? I often feel that Mother’s day is so overrated and father’s day is so underrated. I mean, among of you my dear readers.. who can easily remember when father’s day is? It’s a hard one, eh?! haha. anyways. i wanted to know the date for mother’s day celebration is held in south Korea and I found this beautiful coincidence: They don’t have mother’s day but they have parent’s day which also held on May 8 (North American mother’s day is held every second sunday of May, this year is on may 8th 2011). SWEET! now i don’t have to feel unfair for the Dads! hehehe.. But where did the paren’ts day tradition come from and how do they celebrate it? well this time wiki fails! *sigh* I found some useful links tho! 

Asian culture is well-known as to have a special emphasize on filial piety. That means, a devotion to the parents and ancestor as a sign of gratitude for the sacrifices and selfless efforts to raise the children. I found and article on the history of May 8th Korean Parent’s day. and I don’t feel like I do any justice if I summarize this on my own. So here’s the quoted article: 

source: http://www.korea.net

May 8 is Parents’ Day in Korea. First held in 1973, this is the day when children express gratitude to their mother and fathers through gifts and other tokens of love. The usual symbol of honor given to elders on this day is a red carnation. Although the basic idea of designating a special day for parents was inspired from overseas, filial piety has long been an inseparable part of traditional Korean society.

To love and obey your parents was stressed repeatedly from one dynasty to the other from the Silla Kingdom’s (57 B.C. – A.D. 935) “Five Secular Injunctions” (Sesokogye) all the way down to the Joseon Dynasty’s (A.D. 1392-1910) “Three Bonds and Five Relations” (Samgang Oryun), roughly equivalent to the Bible’s Ten Commandments. 

Korean children grow up listening to traditional fairy tales in which a good majority of them are about filial piety. The story of Shim Cheong, who sacrificed her life to cure her blind father or a tiger who, tricked by a woodcutter, served his “human” mother till her dying day reveals the lofty ideal Koreans held regarding filial piety. Even nowadays unconscious gestures of careful respect towards their elders can still be detected among average Koreans – such as daily bowing and greeting — some of them in Korean TV productions in which many living abroad notice the “too frequent” appearance of parents and the overly strong influence they wield on their children.
Just like the celebration of Children’s Day, many museums and parks are open for free. Mainly led by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, many local governments hold annual Parents’ Day ceremonies to award filial sons and daughters of the year in towns and villages. Seoul City, for example, will award a total of 40 citizens this year including Lee Hyo-yong, 65. She continues to live in the 120-year old, run-down house taking care of her mother, who still awaits her husband who went missing during the Korean War (1950-53).

Also this particular year, the Motgol Market in the city of Suwon in Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province) will re-enact the parade of Joseon Dynasty King Jeongjo (1752-1800), who was well known for his dedication to his parents. The parade will begin with the handing out of 200 peach blossoms to young children, the same flower that the king presented to his widowed mother. The parade will also feature palace food  and music and the profits from the festival will go to 

So, every May 8th, Koreans filled the street, cultural places, temples, etc to celebrate the parent’s day. Red Carnation symbolize the acts of filial piety and distributed to the elders, both relatives and strangers alike.

What do I think to be the greatest gift to my parents? It’s an endless journey to be a good person who can achieved my dreams. well.. I mean how can I possibly repay the love of my parents but to take care of them, to pray for their health, happiness, success, and to become a person they always want me to be for the rest of my life?

There’s this one song from Ra.D which I think pretty much describe a child feeling to his/her parents. I will give the lyrics and the translations (both in English and Indonesian). I know the title is 엄마 (mother) but I would like to dedicate this to both the MOMs and DADs. (psss… I know the lyrics a little bit sad and telling a story about a mother who’s gone, BUT let’s just grasp the love shown from the song to our parents!)

Ra.D – 엄마 / Mom

처음 당신을 만났죠
The first time I met you / Ketika pertama bertemu

만나자마자 울었죠
I cried as soon as I met you / langsung saja aku menangis
기뻐서 그랬는지,

I don’t know if it was because I was happy / mungkinkah karena aku bahagia
슬퍼서 그랬는지

I don’t know if it was because I was sad / mungkinkah karena aku sedih
기억도 나지 않네요

I can’t even remember / Aku tidak ingat sedikit pun

드릴 것이 없었기에
with nothing to give / karena aku tak punya sesuatu untuk memberi
그저 받기만 했죠
I just kept taking /aku hanya menerima
그러고도 그 땐 고마움을 몰랐죠
Still I didn’t know how to appreciate back then / ketika itu aku tidak tahu bagaimana caranya berterimakasih

아무것도 모르고
without knowing anything / tanpa tahu apa-apa
I just lived on / aku hanya terus hidup

Mom / mama
이름만 불러도
even just calling your name / meski hanya memanggil namamu
왜 이렇게 가슴이 아프죠?
why does my heart hurt so? / mengapa hatiku begitu pedih
모든 걸 주고
you gave me everything / kau beriku segalanya
더 주지 못해 아쉬워하는 당신께
To the mother who were still sad that you couldn’t give me more / Kepada ibunda yang masih sedih karena tidak bisa memberiku lebih
무엇을 드려야 할지

how should I repay you? / bagaimana caranya aku membals jasamu?

Mom, / mama,
나의 어머니
my mother / ibundaku
왜 이렇게 눈물이 나죠?
why do these tears keep on welling up? / mengapa air mata terus mengalir?
가장 소중한
the most precious, / yang paling berharga
누구보다 아름다운
more beautiful than anyone / lebih indah dari siapapun
당신은 나의,
you are my, / engkau adalah
나의 어머니
my mother / ibundaku

힘드셨다는 거 이제 알아요
now I know how difficult it must have been for you / sekarang aku mengerti betapa sulitnya untukmu
나 땜에 많이 우셨죠
you cried a lot because of me / kau banyak menitikan air mata untukku
그 땐 왜 그랬는지
why it was like that back then, / aku tidak tahu kenapa itu terjadi
몇 번이나 그랬는지
how many times it was like that, / atau berapa kali itu terjadi
기억도 나지 않네요
I can’t even remember / aku tidak ingat sedikitpun

내 작은 선물에 너무 감동 마세요
don’t be to touched with my small gift for you / jangan terlalu tersentuh dengan hadiah kecilku untukmu
당신은 나에게

because to me / karena bagiku
세상을 선물했잖아요
because you’ve given the world to me/ karena kau telah memberikan kepadaku semua yang ada di dunia ini 
I’ll do well / aku akan berusaha jadi yang terbaik
내가 잘할게요
I’ll do well / aku akan terus berusaha

Mom / mama
이름만 불러도
even just calling your name / meski hanya memanggil namamu
왜 이렇게 가슴이 아프죠?
why does my heart hurt so? / mengapa hatiku begitu pedih
모든 걸 주고
you gave me everything / kau beriku segalanya
더 주지 못해 아쉬워하는 당신께
To the mother who were still sad that you couldn’t give me more / Kepada ibunda yang masih sedih karena tidak bisa memberiku lebih
무엇을 드려야 할지

how should I repay you? / bagaimana caranya aku membals jasamu?

Mom, / mama,
나의 어머니
my mother / ibundaku

왜 이렇게 눈물이 나죠?
why do these tears keep on welling up? / mengapa air mata terus mengalir?
가장 소중한
the most precious, / yang paling berharga
누구보다 아름다운
more beautiful than anyone / lebih indah dari siapapun
당신은 나의,
you are my, / engkau adalah
나의 어머니
my mother / ibundaku

처음 당신의 모습은 기억할 수 없지만
even though I couldn’t remember your face when I first met you
마지막 모습만은 죽는 날까지 기억하겠죠
But I’ll remember your last impression until I die
내 모든 맘 다해

will all my heart / dengan seluruh hatiku
I love you

anyhow.. happy parent’s day!! 

Parent's day carnation

until then…


it’s BB Cream Magic

Have you ever heard a cosmetic term of: BB Cream?

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream. It is popular among the Asian ladies out there as a base/make up foundation. But how is it different from any regular foundations?

This beauty trend, that is famous in Korea, Japan and now South East Asia, was originally made in Germany. This cream was actually served as ointment prescribed for patients who just undergone laser surgery. It is known to have soothing and skin generating effects.  and as wikipedia stated:

It is used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes

Now.. now.. we all know that Korea, Japan, China are really big in the plastic surgery craze. This has helped the boom of BB Cream in South Korea, especially. It is known as the “the secret of Korean actresses“.

There’s this article I found in Naver about what is BB Cream all about *don’t worry, it’s in english!! =)*


So, you got it now, why Ladies are crazy about BB Cream?

I personally love BB Cream. NO, I never have any surgery on any parts of my body, But I like BB Cream because it feels lighter than regular base make up foundation.

It also covers all my imperfectness perfectly.It has SPF in it *really important!!!* I don’t need any concealer anymore. Just BB cream and face powder and I’m all set.

Since Highschool, I know The Faceshop, a Korean brand that got in to the Indonesian market. Since then, I religiusly use all their product. First of all because my mom trust the Korean product andwe’re a member of The Face Shop, and Second of all, since we’re a loyal member, we got all the Kwon Sang Woo *WOOT* poster that we wanted *There were 4-5 KSW posters posted on my bedroom wall. I just hope that my Dad didn’t throw them all away during the house renovation*. Then, I got to know this BB Cream. if I remember correctly, mom’s friend Mami Juwi *yes I’m calling her mommy too* recommend it to us since she was satisfied with what she got from the BB Cream.

Now I found many brands and any type of BB Cream, I like some of them, don’t really fancy the others.. and so here, I want to make a review of some BB cream I have used throughout the yearS.. *promise will post pics l8er!!!*

SKIN FOOD  MUSHROOM BB CREAM. It is the first type of BB cream that I use. It smells good and cover well. However.. it’s too liquid-y to my taste. Since my mom pick this one up fo me, I think she went for the one with lightening formula. Sometimes I think it made my face looked too bright and too white.

– TONY MOLY BB CREAM. This BB cream was bought when I went to Korea!!! So far it’s my Favourite, since it has powdery finish on my face, that sometime I forgot to put on some face powder. =). I really wish that we had a Tony Moly store somewhere in North Amrica. I like the compact powder that I bought, It was light and it didn’t make my face dry. and the Mascara, was just the best I ever had!! Oh, back to the BB review.. The turn downARE, sometimes I feel it’s a little bit dry, that I had to put on more mistourizer. Also because it contains higher SPF, it reflects more light *especially on the picture*

SKIN FOOD ALOE SUNSCREEN BB CREAM. I LOVE THE SMELL OF IT! and I picked the natural one, so it’s just fine! But again, like the other Skin Food Product, it’s too liquidy.

– THE FACESHOP QUICK AND CLEAN BB CREAM. It’s light and doesn’t give a dry feeling but still powdery. However, it doesn’t cover my it’s-all-because-of-stress-and-school-works-and-all-that-head-spinning breakouts/pimples =P. Gotta wash my face more and more often then! =)

AND that’s all my newbie makeup review!! =)

If you live in in Burnaby/Metro Vancouver area, so far here are the places where you can get BB Cream *trusted places*

1. Crystal Mall: There’s this cosmetic shop just across the produce market, on the 1st Fl. Beware though, bacause the shop attender was not helpful and not necessarily the best sales associate ever. Also, remember to check the dates!!!

2. Metropolis at Metrotown: On the 2nd floor, across the esprit store. It used to be The Face Shop store. But I guess it went under. The shop still carries Korean makeup products. You can try their products but so far i haven’t gotten the chance to do so.

Yep. That’s all about BB cream that I know of. One thing to bear in mind, as My mom always says, less is more!!! And don’t forget t use moisturizer night and day!!!

Until Then.. CHEERS!!!!


Choco Pie Love

I don’t really watch sad dramas nowadays. But once I watched this one drama and shed soooo many tears I could make a lake of my own. The story was really touching, and I can say that it’s has special love story than the standard man-woman love kinda thing. It’s called Thank You. In this drama I get to know our item of the day: Choco Pie.  At first, I thought it’s just a regular snack. But now I saw it everywhere *in my own world perhaps?!*. It was mentioned, if not really became props, of some dramas or I saw many young people made some sort of birthday/celebration cake out of this Choco Pie.

I tried it before. It’s good but it’s not THAT super great that I will crave for some *maybe I will after writing this blog post*.  So I wonder what is it with South Korean and Choco Pie. Being me.. I googled it!! and Wikipedia actually have a post about Choco Pie!! It said:

A Choco Pie is a confectionery treat created and manufactured since 1974 by Orion Confectionery, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Similar to Wagon Wheels, a Choco Pie consists of two layers of chocolate-dipped cookies with a marshmallow filling.

The Choco Pie is considered a quintessential Korean treat, similar to the status of the Oreo cookie in American culture. Orion supplies the South Korean military with their Choco Pies, which are given out to soldiers in the Korean military after their first week of basic training in addition to being available in the military store.

In recent years Orion has used the Choco Pie to gain a foothold in foreign markets, and Orion now controls a two-thirds share of the Chinese cookie market, with a third of Orion’s revenue now coming from outside Korea. Whole series of Choco Pies have been sold more than 12.1 billion all over the world.[clarification needed][1]

Orion seeks a share in four major markets – South Korea, Russia, Vietnam and China. The snack has been particularly successful in China, Vietnam and Taiwan. Additionally, it has become a favorite snack of North Korean workers at the Kaesong Industrial Complex and has come to symbolize capitalism. South Korean news reports claim that Choco Pies can fetch as much as US$9.50 on the North Korean black market.

In South Korea, Choco Pie has a strong association with Jeong, which indicates closeness among people in Korea. Its advertisements emphasise the relationship between family members and friends, and its jingle is widely known.

Of course wikipedia can be wrong. It doesn’t really answer my question but at least I can *sorta* draw my own conclusion out of my curiosity. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but I got the sense that one of the reason is that choco pie is an ‘American’ thing. I remember my friend telling me that *almost* anything American is considered high quality, cool, prestigious, etc, etc.. Since it has been around for quite sometimes, it has stayed in people’s hearts *pardon my language for it’s late and I need to wake up in 2 hours hahaha*. and maybe there’s the soldiers factor? it becomes popular since people started buying this thing to be given to their friends/family in the military service?

If your Korean, and you have some thoughts/opinion on this.. PLEASE do write a comment and tell me why *ain’t nothing but a heartache…… Back Street Boys.. get it?! ahh I think I should really call it a day*

Now… now.. I wonder why don’t North American be creative and stack up some twinkies/oreos into a cake?! hahahaha..

My lunch tomorrow!! hahaha

*packing some Choco Pie for tomorrow’s all day activity at church*

Until then…. 8-D

get your kimchi

I went downtown today.. with all my winter gears *gloves, thick scarf, earmuffs, my warmest bots, etc* to buy all th ingredients for yukgaejang. While the dried gosari/fern-bracken is soaked overnight, here’s review of what I promised you yesterday: Where to get some good side dishes/kimchi in Vancouver.

It’s called the Windsor Market, located almost the very last block of Robson *almost the end of Robson to Denmann st*. It’s easily spotted as it’s the last ‘small shop’ before the huge Safeway building and it has RED *yay* canopy.

more specifically, here’s the exact address:

1710 Robson Street (Robson @ Bidwell)
Vancouver, BC V6G 1E2

ph # (604) 685-1532








This stores are just like any other mini market. But you can specifically find some Korean and Japanese cooking ingredients, well mostly Korean. There you could find from sesame oil, corn syrup, frozen dumplings, to various Asian rice/grains, noodles and snacks. They even have some Korean tinned tuna and all that stuffs. If you live in downtown, this can be one of your ‘small groceries’ destination. However, this market don’t sell fresh vegetables/fruits… they have some nice flowers though =). If you have finished browsing the aisles, you will find at back 2-3 fridges. One of them is the KIMCHI/SIDE DISHES. As you can see from the pictures below, They have quite a number of kimchi and side dishes variations. You just need to grab what you want =).  I realized that Hmart in downton now has more varieties of kimchi. But I haven’t heard my kimchi lover friends said that this one is no longer the best one.


Alrighty!! now that you know where to buy some yummy kimchi, go ahead and try some. Stuff some in your fridge! It’s winter and you might want to make sure you have some healthy food in your fridge! And next time, I promise you I will write more about kimchi *the history, maybe the varieties, and OF COURSE the tradition*

Until then… =D