pursuing ‘IT’

“but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible”

-Thomas Edward Lawrence-

Okey.. I have learned that if you want something you gotta work hard to get it! and this is my hopes, my prayers and my goals. This isthe first time in my life that I have something that I really want so bad. Call me a dreamer!

I put it here up front, at the face of the blogging world just as a reminder to my self to work hard on it. And when one of them is realized, people will know how hard I work on it. Happiness is only real when it’s shared, no?! =)

And yes, maybe some of them is just a dream.. I don’t know.. Dare to dream big, girl!

1. I want to masterKorean

2. I want to go to Korea, first step is to go live in or just go there to study Korean, whatever. I want to see the nature, the cultureand the people

3. I want to finish myBA in Communication at SFU asap

4. Then I want to learn more on entertainment industry

5. Furthermore, I want to be an intern in one of entertainment company/TV company in Korea. *Yes girl, dream big*

6. I want to be a PD/Creative director

7. I want to use my other talents.

8. Someday I’ll be in a  musical theatre performance *I have this passion in acting since High School, I even joined the school theatre back then*

9. and  mooorreee..

Yes I believe the entertainment industry can voice sth up louder than a politician can do. Therefore, you have to be like them, emerge yourself into it, and be one of them so you are accepted then spread out your thoughts to the world.

yes, you may think I’m stupid or not realistic but you can laugh or help. Everyone can dream, no?!

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else”
-Erma Bombeck-


6 thoughts on “pursuing ‘IT’

  1. Rob Hilsen

    Attending SFU is a good start for you. Since you’re in Communications make sure to get to know Martin Laba, one of the finest teachers in Canada. And get to know Lucie really well too. She can really help you out. And find some good internships while you’re a student. That work experience will be exteremly valuable when you’re looking for a post-University job.

    And remember you’re at Simon Fraser, the top school in Canada!!


  2. Grace

    Hi. I’m Korean student, just visiting your blog.
    I was so surprised to see you’re very interested in Korea and Korean culture as well, even though you’re not Korean. Also you seem to know quite a lot about Korea.. your goals right above look just awesome!


    1. edreasjourney

      Thank you, Grace for your kind words.. I found a lot of blogs like this out there. But hopefully I can work on my dreams for sure!


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