Lee Seung Chul: Happy New Year in Vancouver + Heeya

Happy First Monday of the year!


Today is a very special Monday, and this is a special post, where I will be going to the first K-Pop concert in 2016 *and showering you with a glimpse of it*. And I’m not talking about just any K-Pop artist, but it’s going to be a concert of the legendary – award winning singer 이승철/Lee Seung-Chul. Yes my friend, I’ll be rushing to  Lee Seung Chul: Happy New Year in Vancouver, right after work.


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Before anything, I would have to say that 2016 is going to be a great year for Korean music *ehem-KPOP* aficionado in Vancouver. It’s only the beginning of the year, and we already have big K-POP names like, A-Pink (January 5th, 2015), Infinite (January 7, 2015), and EXO (February 12, 2015), lining up to showcase their music and performance to their fans in the Vancity. Can I just simply say: FIIINALLLLYYYYYY!! Ah I wish I could go to each concert so I can share it with you all *and be broke each month, ended up with a cup of ramyun a day lol*.


But it feels right to have one of the biggest name in the Korean music industry to lead the way into sharing the Hallyu fever in 2016 to the rest of Vancouver.


Credit: Ciel Entertainment


My friend and I bought the cheapest ticket for this concert, so we might need a binocular to see Lee Seung Chul’s face. But his voice and sentimental songs will be big enough to fill the whole orpheum theater. But still, follow this post as I will post my thoughts, pics, and snippets after the concert today!


Lee Seung Chul is one of the most respected singer in South Korea. He debuted as the main vocalist of a soft rock band: 부활/Boohwal *I like their songs too*. After leaving the band, he continued on with his solo career as a singer with hit songs loved by many (mostly sentimental , if not romantic, songs. If you do not follow *the older* K-pop music scene, then you might recognize him as a judge of the reality survival show: Superstar K. *or if you are a sone, you would know that Girls Generation used the name, and covered of his song with the same name as their lead single for the group’s debut *


Out of his hit songs, one of my favourite is a song from the time when he was still with Boohwal band: 희야/Heeya. Oh how do I wish he will sing this song tonight.



Lyrics + Translation


희야 – 이승철/부활

Heeya – Lee Seung Chul/Boohwal


희야 / Hee-ya

날좀 바라봐 너는 나를 좋아했잖아 / Look at me for a bit, didn’t you use to like me

너는 비록 싫다고 말해도 / Eve if you say you do not like me

나는 너의 마음 알아 / I understand your heart (better)


사랑한다 말하고 떠나면 / If you say you love me before you leave me

나의 마음 아파할까봐 / (you’re afraid) It might hurt my heart

뒤돌아 울며 싫다고 말하는 / turning around, crying, when you said you hate me

너의 모습 너무나 슬퍼 / the way you look was very sad

빗속을 울며 말없이 떠나던  / weeping in the rain while you were leaving without a word

너의 모습 너무나 슬퍼 / the way you look was very sad


하얀 얼굴에 젖은 식어가는 너의 모습이 / the way  you looked, your white face was drenched and turned cold

밤마다 꿈속에 남아 아직도 널 그리네 /  It still remain in my dream every night, I apparently still long for you


희야 날좀 바라봐 오 희야 오 날좀봐 / Hee-ya, take a look at me. Oh, Hee-ya, please look at me!

오 희야 희야 오 희야 오 희야 / Oh Hee-ya, Hee-ya, Oh Hee-ya, Oh Hee-ya

오 나의 희야 / Oh my Hee-ya


keep checking this post and stay tune for snippets from the concert here


Credit: Ciel Entertainment


As promised, here I am back in my room, contemplating and remembering the concert I just went to. I will try to organize this so you could comprehend me *brain dead alert*. Right off the bat I would have to give my standing applause for Lee Seung Chul whose voice, music, and stage presence transcend beyond just one or two generations. Ok let’s walked through my train of memory. Here are my thoughts, not so much of a review, as a foreign fan/concert goer. *pics uploaded, uploading videos now*


I felt like my friend and I were the only foreigners who came on our will. A few others we could spot came with their partner/significant other. Proud foreigner fans!


Lee Seung Chul’s entry/opening stage was like baaam! It was so awesome!

I sat at the upper balcony of the Orpheum Theatre. I could not see his face, but his stage presence was felt so close and his voice and emotion filled the whole room amazingly. Supa solid!



His 멘트(?) that thing when he told a story/explaining a song, etc…they were all in Korean. I could understand 70-80% of it(yay practice and hard work are worthwhile). He thanked everyone for coming, even though the ticket prices were so expensive. And he promised, if there will be an encore show in Vancouver to make ’em cheaper (hopefully by half ㅋㅋㅋ). From what i could understand, his fan service is at its best. He sounded down to earth, yet entertaining (funny), and engaging. He mentioned of liking Vancouver and wanting to live here and how – compared to the size of his concerts in Seoul – it feels like having a concert in a neighbourhood. And speaking of neighbourhood, he commented that most people in the concert hall might know each other a which was true. I saw a lot of “Oh Hi” and delighted faces greeting and calling each other. He also allowed people to take pics and videos, unlike other concert where you are not allowed to document anything. Yay!


He also mentioned that last year (?) out of 300 sth concerts in Seoul, he was #2. With Psy as the #1. I would have to say he is truly (songs wise, performance, voice, technique, emotion, everything wise) a legend.

The songs. I thought I would know 2 songs max. Nope, I know quite a number of pieces he sang tonight. Yay,to sing a long. I also thought it was gonna be super sentimental. But he mixed his upbeat-mellow songs, new and old with great balance it was not boring at all, nor did people feel too exhausted from standing and jumping for too long. Its still showing the rocker side of him while pleasing the crowds with well thought repertoire for the night. There was even a trot song:

He mixed some western top 40s to the preludes of some of his songs, and I have to say its quite impressive. The age range of people who attended the concert was real wide. But I could see that each and everyone of the age group was able to enjoy them self. I mean, to have fans from inter-generations like that. Just one word. Legend. Oh add another three: true super star. It was really interesting to see family who came together, ajummas fangirls *have you heard ajummas yelling “oppaaaaa” oh.so.cute!*, to young peeps, everyone was dancing, clapping, if not nodding.


Some of the favourite songs I got to record to share with y’all:


Favourite ending (that made me think: ah so this is the Korean Jeong of being one nation united in music):


Who would have thought that waving the South Korean flags would be so touching and yet would create a rock and roll kinda ending? I’m a bit jealous lol. Everyone was waving their hands too:


The super – fan service- encore *people has started leaving the hall and suddenly he picked up the mic, talked to the pianist.You could tell it was super unplanned a.k.a candid a.k.a impromptu. That and that song he sang made the prefect encore/ending performance:

I am officially in love with this song 😍. #onrepeat


And everything else:

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ps: his next stop would be Toronto | January and 9, 2016. Tickets here.
Now. Even if you’re not Korean, nor a crazy long time fan (unlike most of the ahjummas and ahjussis), going to Lee Seung Chul concert will still be a good idea. I have no regrets, and actually did enjoy it. It was fun, entertaining, and touching (감동). I keep on thinking.. woah he is super cool and he sings really good. like super good! and his voice!!!! *say hi to your new foreigner fan*.

 You would recognized most of his hit songs from all over the places in drama, reality shows, remake of newer singers, etc. It’s a given, that he has 30 years of experiences under his belt, but you would honestly be able to enjoy a performance of a really good singer who can fluently utilize his experiences in delivering  not only a song, but also emotions; to bring a connection or a bridge between the two, with his voice, for the audience to relate to (the lyrics and meaning of the songs). It was an impressive concert. Now I’ll go and buy some of his music and say good night!


Until Friday,