Korean style Indonesian Soto with Italian Feel

Yes, you read it right. It’s Korean style Indonesian Soto with Italian feel. Globalization in a bowl *aah Marshall Mcluhan*.

What’s hot in South Korea right now? It’s cooking variety shows/program. It even beats other variety program and new concepts sprung out almost “everyday”. One of them is 냉장고를 부탁해/Take Care of The Fridge or Please Take Care of My Fridge, a show with stars acting as chefs *of course* competing each other to make a delish and simple meal out of the ingredients found in another star’s fridge.

I have not watched any of the episode yet. But my sunbae told me the last episode she watched 김풍/Kim Pung made Indonesian Soto as his food item. And it won the competition. And everyone went a tad cray about it *to put it simply, the recipe was a big hit*. As a proud *ehem* Indonesian, I wanted to know what was it all about so I asked for the link of the recipe. At first, my sunbae told me, it was “Indonesian curry soup” called soto. And, of course I responded saying pfftt “soto” is not curry. 

I was hesitant to try this recipe because, as any other Indonesian, I grew up eating various kinds of soto and I was afraid that my taste buds, and expectations of how a bowl of soto should taste like, will curse this recipe miserably. But I’m too curious to not try. Plus I have a box of unused curry sitting somewhere in my kitchen and the recipe looks pretty simple, so I might just as well try its luck. For those of you who wants to try as well, here’s the translation/recipe I found from this link:


What you need:

meat (they used pork – as to chicken) // farfalle pasta (the Italian “feel” from Ha Seok-Jin’s fridge – which I opted out) // blocked curry sauce // lime juice // green onion // onion // salt // cooking oil // diced garlic //  diced ginger

How to:

– Sprinkle salt in a pot of boiling water and put in one portion of farfalle *bow tie* pasta

– Blend together: onion cut in halves, green onion, half spoon of salt, one spoon of diced garlic, ½ spoon of diced ginger, cooking oil

– Put into the blended ingredients, 1-2 ½ blocks of curry sauce – blend well

– Stir fry the meat you are using

– Pour the blended ingredients over the meat and stir fry for a couple minutes

– Meanwhile, roast one stalk of green onion (remove the green part)

– Put in the boiled farfella to the soup

– Add some more salt, if necessary

– Add some lime juice and the roasted green onion

They said it’s Kim Pung’s recipe that calls for some soju.

Well I tried.


I think mine was less-soupy and a tad “creamier” then how it supposed to be. When I tried it, I kept on saying “what kind of taste is this”. After sometimes, I could taste, or rather smell, a faint hint of Soto. Although the taste is so confusing, at least for me, I applaud the creativity and technique for Kim Pung! Well, it might not taste anywhere near soto, but it got the basic idea. I kinda get it why Koreans, who never tried Soto before, might like it. It has a “deep” taste that you often find in their soups/dishes. But I like the original one better *well, duh, of course!*. I still have some left at home, and I’ll see if I can turn it to something *more* edible that will make my taste buds happy(-er).

I encourage you, Indonesian or not – have tried Soto before or not, to try this recipe and taste it yourself! It’s super duper easy!


Family Outing

The Family is HERE! =)

Even though the series has ended. Family Outing is one of the few Korean reality shows that I still  watch religiously. I watch it when I couldn’t sleep; I watch it if I’m bored, etc.

In this post, I would like to introduce this program from my point of view. So whether you have watched it or not, have read another review or two, I hope my post will be somewhat informative if not entertaining.

Family Outing/패밀리가 떴다/패떴

It is a new concepted variety show that was aired on KBS, one of the 3 big broadcasting company in South Korea. It aired for a total 2 seasons, 85 episodes on the first season and I’m not sure the total episodes in season 2.

The Concept

A group of talents/entertainers, consisting of comedian, singer, model, member of idol group and actor/actress, are grouped and sent to a rural area in South Korea. The idea is for the entertainers to put off their star like life and put on the villagers character and act as a family.

They were sent to a grandma/grandpa house of the village. While the house owners left for a vacation, they are asked to watch over the house while also doing tasks that the villagers in that area normally do.

Almost every episode, they would have a guest who is also an entertainer. The core/main/standard plot of this show is that they would divide themselves into 2 groups, play games, make dinner, and play the breakfast game.  

The members (The characters listed are not a complete list of what the show had)

Season 1

Dumb/comedian/Nation MC: Yoo Jaesuk

Nation sister/Nation fairy/former member of finkl/solo singer: Lee Hyori

Sweet and Salvage/actress: Park Yejin

The gamedevil/Stepmom/Actor: Kim Sooro

Dumber/Nation Idol/Bigbang member: Kang Daesung

Trainer/solo singer: Kim Jongkook

Elderly/solo singer/song writer/composer: Yoon Jongshin

Cinderella/Actor/Model: Lee Chunhee

New members

Weakling brother/the Park siblings :Park Haejin

The Park siblings: Park Siyeon

Season 2

Kim Wonhee

Yoon Sanghyun

Ji Sangryul

Shin Bongsun



Jo Kwon

Kim Heechul

Jang Dongmin

My verdict

It is a funny and entertaining show. Or else I won’t watch it over and over again. BUT why you ask?

You will find Cultural, Humanism and Entertainment aspects in one show.

It shows you the beauty of Korean villages while also promoting its local specialties.

It shows the human side of the entertainers, showing the audiences the real characters behind the spot light. As you watch more episodes, you will find that their time spent together was really making them a family.

I also like it because of the dinner they made! It makes me drool over my laptop and make me want to make exactly the same with what they were having. =P

The drawbacks:

Although it’s called reality TV program, I’m guessing it’s half scripted. The character is not really the true nature of the casts, but somehow drifted to the direction of how the PD wanted it to be in order to create the ‘entertaining’ aspect of the show. This also could be said the same to the situation/scene shown in each episode. Not all of them are spontaneous reaction. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, instead I’ll say that it’s necessary. However, when those things become obvious, the level of connection and enjoyment of the characters/scenes/the program would drop by a bar.

The new members: Park Yejin and lee Chunhee had to withdraw from the program because of their personal schedule. After they left, the Park siblings replaced them in the show. Culturally speaking, Korean are not the type of people who can get friendly with new members as soon as they meet. This cultural characteristic was obviously shown and, in my opinion, had greatly affected the ambience of the show. The family bond, that were there for each and every members, were somewhat loosen.

The park siblings didn’t get much airtime. Was it because they were not entertaining enough? Not trying enough? The chemistry/characters were not well developed? I don’t know. But there was something missing from them. Oh and… The fact that Park Siyeon health hindered her from performing the best out of her is saddening.

Season 2: *sigh* I don’t know where to start. I’m not sure if it’s produced with the same PD or not, but I can confidently say that the season 2 lost the characteristics that the first season had developed. I get it if they were trying to make a change here and there. BUT! The vibe they sent, well at least this was what I felt about it, were off. It seem like they’re combining concepts from the other airing variety show/competitors and each episode feels like a trial of something not well developed enough to be aired. I gave up watching after 4 episodes or so, and apparently it stopped airing due to the low rating.

All in all.. I find that Family Outing is both educative/informative and entertaining! I still love it so much even though I have watched it more than.. ehemm.. 10 times? Hehehe..

Watch out for my next episode-to-episode review as I will include the name of the place, the specialty/famous thing about the place, the games, food, etc!

Until then


pictures credit: from various websites

백두산 edition

A couple weeks ago I watched 1박2일 special edition to Baekdu San

For those who don’t know the significant of Mount Baekdu to the Korean. Here’s a brief summary of it:

Koean consider mount Baekdu as a place of their ancestral origin. It is consider as a sacred place and a legendary foundation of Korea. From dinasty to dinasty Baekdu san is considered as the spiritual oasis of this nation at which worshipping rituals were held. It is believed that korean history started from here. (source: wikipedia)

So.. before I say what’s in my mind from watching the video, I will let you all see the videos that I mean..

(Disclaimer: This video is not mine and shown for informational purpose only, No copyright infringement is intended)

NO! they deleted it all! >.< where can I get the subbed one without bugging copyright? I just wanna share my thoughts!

So I cried during the show. It is, for me,  a really meaningful reality show. The most touching part is when they poured the water from every corner of Korea, out to the lake while praying for the unification of Korea. Can’t you imagine that you have to go abroad to get to a place that is sacred and important to your nation? And what really unfortunate is that they could not even sing Korean anthem of bring any Korean flag or anything to signified Korean national identity since the place is still in region of and still in disputation with the Chinese government.

I also like the scene from the previous episode where they were greeted by the warmth of the Chinese-Korean in the area they passed by. And I also cried when they sang the Arirang  in unison as brothers and sisters of the same nation *hey I can play this song on my violin! =)* I think now I know whay I feel so drawn into Korean culture. The bond among Koean is so strong. They maintain their culture with pride and love

As for me, I do not know who I really am. I will proudly say that I’m Indonesian, but it’s really hard when people in your own home consider you an outsider. Being seen as Chinese decendant *and having a religion that is sort of unwanted there*  has created a lot of confusion in my life. I once thought that I will forever be number 2. Why? 

well first, as I mentioned before, I’m seen as an outsider in my own home. I dont know which culture really runs in my blood.  Although It’s not that important and I am who I am today thanks to my background, I still feel that way — if you know what I mean. Sometimes in life, you might come to a point that you want to know who you really are. And that’s my time there. I’m proud of all Indonesian culture, but I’m not too attached to it (my family has their own so-called-chinese-Indonesian-fusion culture). To be called a Chinese? I dont think so! Even my grandma was born in Indonesia and raised Indonesian. I can’t even speak Chinese!! And I know nothing about the culture except the general stuffs that have been passed down to me. I don’t know which one should I hang on?! HAHAHA what an excuse, right? (well, please note that I still and will always be proud of  the Indonesian culture and will continue to promote it to the world! Let’s love what we have dear fellow Indonesian!)

Now where else can I be only number 2  Everywhere I go! I could never be a native!

Back to Korean culture and Baekdu San

I relly appreciate the love and the attitude they show of how they treat their origin and their hope of the unification with the north. I think, this is how someone should act towards it’s own culture =). I like it and I want to learn it more in depth! Thank you for the lesson! I also hope that their prayer at Baekdu San will come true. Soon.

So anyone, want to teach me more of the Korean history?