1 Week in Seoul – Namsan Fall Foliage, Hongdae Trickeye Museum and Vancouver reunion

Hi Jetlag! Officially day 1? 2? Anywho….

I woke up at 5 am on a Saturday and roamed around GS unni’s house on my own until she woke up. Before we left the house, she managed to whipped some French toast for breakfast.

Then we took a bus, destination unknown. When I told her my meetup time got pushed back a bit, we decided to get off the bus and walk hike around the mountain hill (I think we almost circled around the hill of N Seoul tower), to enjoy the Fall foliage. Along the way we also spotted a rooftop restaurant/cafe over looking the city’s scenic view. 

And although we were still pretty much full from the French toast, we had to stop by at this one traditional/classic restaurant famous for it’s bibimbap – apparently it is listed on 2017 Seoul Michelin Guide

목멱산방 – Mok Myuk San Bang 

It feels classic, with its location, architecture, interior design, the way the food served and how the people worked there looked classic as well. They have dishes that smells healthy as well. As it is famous for its bibimbap, we just had to try. They have 3 selections: regular, bulgogi, and beef tartar. We got the bulgogi one for KRW 9,000 

 After that, we walked some more through Myeong-Dong to get to the subway station 

Then I got to meet my lovely dongsaengs and explored Hongdae, with all of its Saturday night glory. It was filled with tons. I mean tons of people and street performances every a couple of steps. Our first stop was:

서울 트릭아이미술관 Seoul Trickeye Museum, Hongdae – Seoul, Mapo-gu, Hongik-ro 3-Gil, 20. Ticket KRW 15,000 (my friend bought it online for KRW 10,000) 

With 1 ticket, you can visit 2 exhibition and 1 carnival (paid playground, not really interesting)

After that we had to wait for our other friends to join us. So we stopped by at a coffee shop. 

Coffee Brown – Near Hongdae station exit 9

Too bad I didn’t take a picture of it’s modern-classic interior. But I did take a picture of my Kiwi Juice 😆

It was located on 2nd floor so it’s actually a really nice place to hang out and to see the bustling view of Hongdae.

After that, we went for the most glorious dinner ever: Gopchang. And the best of its kind.

부야스곱창/Booyas Gopchang –136-13 Eoulmadang-or, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

To put it into simple English, Gopchang is pork intestines. Sounds not so appetizing. And often time it will smell if not cooked right. But we went to a place people are raving about. And it was, gloriously yummy.

We ordered 통치즈곱창 (whole garlic, cheese, pork intestines, 순대/sundae/pork blood sausage in marinated sauce) added corn cheese and 알곱창 

I repeat, this was seriously good. We added Fried rice to finish off the meal

After that we had a small reunion/going through the memory lane. These friends I was with used to live in Vancouver. And one of our friend actually is visiting Korea from Vancouver as well. It was just mind blowing that we were sitting together at a cafe in Hongdae instead of somewhere in Vancouver.
My Mug Café – just below the gopchang restaurant 

Apparently a number of artists, including 2 PM Nickhun visited this small but cozy cafe. I really like the girl working there. She was friendly, witty and cool.

We stayed for way too long (too many things to talk about, catching up, and all that gists), we felt bad and order desserts

This made me think, maybe I should just live in Seoul. And that thought ended my night.


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