1 Week in Seoul – Let’s go!

Hello from up in the air. Like, literally.

So my trip this time started with chanting, it’s a sunny day – a very good day to fly. You see, I’m a really nervous flyer *acrophobic*. But as soon as I got on to the plane,  I was greeted in Korean. I showed the flight attendant my boarding pass and I’m pretty sure my name is nowhere near a Korean name (she’s still talking to me in Korean now). I have the aisle sit in the middle row of the plane. And guess what. No one is sitting I. The middle. More room for my jacket and no arm wrestling! Woohoo!!

I’m not sure if it’s because of the good vibes. Or the fact that I’mflying with a plane full of ajummas *I have the ajummas are always praying stereotype*, I was not feeling that nervous this time. Yet. We’ll see.

I was planning to down some melatonin to sleep all the way through the flight. But I figured I would be sleeping more than 16 hours in 24 hours. And it might call for a jet lag. So here goes in-flight movie marathon and guess-how-many-movies-can-I-watch-in-10-hours. Starting with Finding Dorry. Here we go (Talk to you in Seoul!).

* * *

3600 ft up in the air and 4 more hours to go.

* * *

I have arrived safely in Seoul!!! Because I’m bringing a huge luggage, I had a slight change of plan from taking the subway to taking the airport bus. I am so nervous. I hope I’ll find my way just fine.  

One thing though, being treated like a local with limited Korean ability is both scary and exciting. Tho, I feel more of the first than the latter right now.

Why am I here? Why did I come? What will this trip unfold? Oh gosh let me not fall asleep and miss my stop. It is 1.30 hours and 11 stops to go. Current time 6.29 pm – Vancouver time 1.29 am. I’m beat. 

Oh! I have been snapchat-ing here and there along the way to Seoul. I might as well do the same for most of this vacay. So follow me if you haven’t! 

* * *

I made the right decision with the airport bus. I got to see more of the scenic Seoul on my way:

Seoul Friday traffic


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