1 Week in Seoul – Itaewon Freedom: flash tour, street churro, Vastos, Gyungridan, night cardio

I made it safe and sound to unni’s place (I’m staying over at my friend’s place whom I got to know in Vancouver years ago).

Feeling super hungry, we went out to Itaewon for dinner. Little did I know, I would have my cardio session whil clubs hopping.

Itaewon is know to be the foreigners hub in Seoul. If you go around the neighbourhood, you will find lots and lots of non-Korean people and restaurants spreaded out here and there. That was why GS unni recommended us to eat at a famous Mexican restaurant nearby.

Since it was a Friday night, the wait time for a table was 1 hour. So GS unni decided to take me around the area, to see the famous  경리란-길/Gyungridan-Gil. It is one of the hottest and trendiest place in Seoul right now. Hip cafes, restaurants, shops, young vibes, and all those goodness.

My trainer recommended me to have some churros when I’m in Seoul. At first I reacted: “Churro? In Kore? Right….” But as I listen to my trainer well not, and as we passed by a famous street vendor: 

Street Churros – 170 Noksapyeong-Darrow, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

It is a tiny corner shop that, I believe, serve to go only. It has a window opening/counter and you can peak the store inside which was decorated nicely. GS unni said it is both famous and yum. So, again listening to my trainer’s advice, I just had to get one.

I got the 아츄/A Chu (KRW 3000):

And I LOVE it. The churro was crispy, but soft on the inside. It came with with soft serve ice cream that was not overbearingly sweet (I don’t normally like ice cream). So you dip the churro in the ice cream and nom. And, you inhale the rest of the rest of ice cream afterwards. You can add chocolate/berries topping sauce too.

Then we continued walking around Gyungridan super live area some more

And then GS unni got a text that our table is available and if we are not there soon, we will lose our spot in the queue. So we had to run back. Bear in mind most of Seoul is made of steep hills. And I was wearing my wedge boots. So go figure.

I let GS untie to go first because her walking speed is already like Ussain Bolt to me. Ah and on the way to the restaurant I spotted this: 

So we had dinner at:

Vastos – 1 Itaewon-ro 15-Gil, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The serve you a complimentary plate of nachos with 2 kinds of salsa. The salsa/sauces are good and nothing like the salsa you have in a normal Mexican restaurant. Fusion? Perhaps!

We had Chimuccuri Chicken Urban Tacos

And the Honey Tequila Chicken Wings

Branded as one of the best Mexican restaurant, I would say I would come here again to try more menu. I love the tacos, but the chicken wings tho. They were soooooooo good.

After dinner, she took me for a super quick Itaewon club hopping/tour. I was fresh of the plane, carrying my backpack. And off we go to places where people dress-up their best

One of the club/bar we went to/stopped by was a really famous one, called Fountain Itaewon/파우타인 이태원. I would recommend this place out of the ones we visited

I feel like dressing up and going there properly next time. Be sure to bring your passport so they can let you in!

The rest of the night felt like an endless hiking around the quite part of the neighbourhood. Imagine these for about 2 hours in heels:

Along our way we spotted the Itaewon mosque (so grand) and some random night view:

I woke up at 5 today and have been watching TV and writing this post. Now, I’m gonna get ready for my day 2!


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