Happy Strawberry Cheesecake Day 2016!

Happy Whimsical Hump Day!


Today is a slow day at work, so I decide I should just post something. *shhh. this will be done and  posted on my break*  


It is my 2x birthday strawberry cheesecake day today. I don’t normally celebrate this day other than by having the tradition of inhaling a piece of yummy strawberry cheesecake. However, being Asian, a lot of the wishes I got from le dear family this year has just got to be about love life/Marriage *mom please stop for a while, if not just for today. pleaseeee* 😀 . Sigh.


Since they decide to think, if not worry, about that oh-so-Asian-of-them on my behalf, I decided to create a list of things to do before 30 instead. And I’m gonna share some of it here.


  1. Be kind anyway! 
  2. Go to Banff (11 years in Canada and yet……. I know!)
  3. Conquer my acrophobia by trying bungee jumping (SOON!)
  4. Go on Zipline – Whistler!!!!
  5. Try painting for the first time
  6. Visit places outside Seoul/Gyeonggi-Do when I  go to 대.한.민.국!
  7. Try 산낙지/live octopus *Chendani I’m looking at you. Yes you!*
  8. Visit famjam in either Australia/Netherlands and go on a backpack trip around the country
  9. Publish my Indonesian poems project that I have been putting on hold for years (Thanks Mita and Prof.(?) Manneke for the idea and encouragement)
  10. Register for Korean translation certificate!
  11. Be a stronger, courageous, and happier self.


I guess that’s my updated personal goal as I have crossed or modified the list I had when I created this blog.


Even though lately, due to training and work, I have less time to watch k-dramas which resulted in me only having enough time just to post Korean music related stuffs, I will try my best to bring more contents to this blog. Not just the regular so-this-is-what-Korean-stuffs-look-like. I hope that by reading this blog, not only you can learn about Korean culture and language with me, but also I hope you can pick an inspiration or two, consolation, or encouragement for your own self. Ok, let’s call that @edreaMJ’s  vision!


I would like to thank all of you, across the world (based on wordpress stats), who have visited this blog! That means the world to me 🙂


Now, help me cross out that list, if not, come a long as I sneak in all Koreanness into my adventure.


Let’s go!



The 20-something Med enjoying her 08-06-2016 Strawberry cheesecake day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Strawberry Cheesecake Day 2016!

  1. sivibi

    I AM IN FOR number 5 and 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in return you have to accompany me to pose in front of Misaeng building hahaha


    Happy strawberry cheesecake dayyyy agaaain and agaaain and agaaaaaaiiin hahaha


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