Why Watch DOTS

Hi Sth..sth day!

Let me tell you how my Friday went, in correlations to why do you have to watch DOTS (Descendants of The Sun) now.

It wan an unusually super duper extra busy day at work. Not enough sleep. Too much worrying about le damn sleeping posture .And your hand was so thirsty, you decided to pour hot water on it for some tea time. Again. How could you type with burnt hand, dummy! And you almost forgot that it was your best friend’s birthday. You went through the day to find that you have to *apparently* get your sth fixed. Sigh. You spent your day worrying on that stupid news that someone died after visiting the chiropractor. Damn you sleeping habit. I hope no chiro still. Cakes. Present. Time oh time I need more of you today. What am I doing here again? And out of pure stress *of yourself and why couldn’t you get it right, Med* you said something you did not mean to. Damn what did I say?  And then you rush to get a cake. No. Cupcake. Only to remember that your best friend does not like cupcales. Damn. Present. Yes. Present. Fast forward from meeting and a board game session *woohoo I finally won* it was almost 3 am and you suddenly realized that the thing that you said out loud thoughtlessly might have been taken in a wrong way and might sound like you were not grateful. No. That was not it. How to fix it. You will then decide to try to forget it by watching DOTS.

Congratulations you have read everything. Pointless. But true. Well kinda.

No. I wanted to post something about 태양의 후예/Descendants of The Sun/DOTS. But I know most of you are still catching up with the episodes. So I don’t want to spoil it for you guys.

One thing for sure tho, it’s that the drama surpassed most expectations. The acting qualities!! I guess breaking through the “traditional” k-drama making process was worth the try.  I guess this is my bias. And I will talk more on this on my next “real post” of the drama.

There’s no correlation between watching the drama with how rough my Friday went.  But it is still a good excuse for a re-run. So, whatever your excuse is (or are), go watch DOTS now!


Love, Med

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