Spring? So what? – 10 CM

Hi Monday!


Last Friday I realized that there’s a limit that a human body can take from stress + tiredness + the change of season (a.k.a everyone in the office is sick). After 2 weeks straight of 야근 인뜻 야근 아닌 야근 같은 period of time at work *yes, there was such a time period and it seems to be continuing to this week as well*.  I will take this moment to sneak in my apologies esp. to those of you who have been asking for more k-drama posts. Apologies for not having the time to watch, re-watch, think, and write. I wish I could take 1 week off to sleep *oh and to write of course 😉 * . So bear with me with the short music posts *for now*.


So what happened on Friday was this: I got ready to go to work, and my body and mind decided to crash. So I called in sick, drank some flu medicine plus the mighty Tolak Angin *shout out to all Indonesians living abroad who cannot live without this magical medicinal a.k.a herbal liquid* and went back to sleep (read: early nap).


In the process of getting myself to get back to the sleep mode (not an easy task for me), I found myself rolling on the bed laughing because of this song:



If you have been following my other SNS/Social Media accounts, you might recognize me as an avid fans of 10 cm. And I’m so glad they published this song for so many reasons that I’m gonna tell you. But first, please do indulge in the hilarious lyrics of this spring-so-what kind of song *sure, you can thank me later*


Lyrics + Translation


봄이 좋냐?? – 십센치

So You Like Spring (that much)?? – 10 cm  

Official English title: What The Spring??


꽃이 언제 피는지 그딴 게 뭐가 중요한데 / when will the flowers bloom, what so important about that kind of crap

날씨가 언제 풀리는지 그딴 거 알면 뭐 할 건데 / when will the weather gets warmer, why the hell would you do if you know about it

추울 땐 춥다고 붙어있고 / when it’s cold, saying  it’s cold and sticking close to each other

더우면 덥다고 니네 진짜 이상해 / if it’s hot, saying it’s  hot. You guys are really weird

너의 달콤한 남친은 사실 피시방을 더 / your sweet boyfriend actually

가고 싶어하지 겁나 피곤하대 / prefers to go to the internet cafe (PC Bang) ‘cause he said he’s super tired


봄이 그렇게도 좋냐 멍청이들아 / do you like spring that much? oh these stupid people

벚꽃이 그렇게도 예쁘디 바보들아 / are those cherry blossoms that pretty, you fools

결국 꽃잎은 떨어지지 니네도 떨어져라 / in the end the petals will fall and you guys will too fall apart

몽땅 망해라 / screw all of you


아무 문제 없는데 왜 나는 안 생기는 건데 / there’s nothing wrong with me but why I don’t get anyone (bf/gf)

날씨도 완전 풀렸는데 감기는 왜 또 걸리는데 / the weather has definitely gotten warmer, but why did I catch a cold again

추울 땐 추워서 안생기고 / when it’s cold, because it’s cold I get no one

더우면 더워서 인생은 불공평해 / if it’s hot, because it’s hot life is so uncomfortable

너의 완벽한 연애는 아직 웃고 있지만 / your perfect is still all smiles

너도 차일거야 겁나 지독하게 / but you will soon be dumped in the most terrible way


봄이 그렇게도 좋냐 멍청이들아 / do you like spring that much? oh these stupid people

벚꽃이 그렇게도 예쁘디 바보들아 / nare those cherry blossoms that pretty, you fools

결국 꽃잎은 떨어지지 니네도 떨어져라 / in the end the petals will fall and you guys will too fall apart

몽땅 / all of you


손 잡지 마 팔짱 끼지 마 끌어 안지 마 / don’t hold hands, don’t link arms,  don’t cuddle

제발 아무것도 하지 좀 마 / please just don’t do anything


설레지 마 심쿵하지 마 행복하지 마 / don’t you feel fluttered, don’t you have racing hearts, don’t be happy

내 눈에 띄지 마 / don’t be noticeable in front of me


봄이 그렇게도 좋냐 멍청이들아 / do you like spring that much? oh these stupid people

벚꽃이 그렇게도 예쁘디 바보들아 / are those cherry blossoms that pretty, you fools

결국 꽃잎은 떨어지지 니네도 떨어져라 / in the end the petals will fall and you guys will too fall apart

몽땅 망해라 / screw you all


How is this song hilarious? Because it’s a bit sarcastic? Sad? Witty? Quirky? Blunt? Against the odds?

Maybe all of that. Or maybe because it’s just simply honest in the funniest way. One thing to bear in mind tho, as soon as spring came, the *Korean* radio will repeatedly air the spring songs. One of the song that you’ll hear on the radio *if not everywhere* so often is the forever spring anthem: 벚꽃 엔딩/Cherry Blossom Ending by 버스커 버스커/Busker Busker. Note that I really like this song as well *for 5 straight years, on each year’s spring time and every other seasons as well*. So when I hear this song, it feels super refreshing.


And also this. I understand that spring equals to pink trees verywhere. And that pink is, arguably, romantic. I got this from one of my favourite radio program,  that spring often brings those butterflies in your tummy kinda sensation because the weather is getting warmer and that you see more cheerful colours of the earth. To say it in simple English, research found that you will fall in love easier *or having that falling-in-love like emotions/sensations* in the spring because your brain is triggered by the change of temperature and the more colours that you see around you. You weak brain! 😀


Well. Whether you have your plus one or not (even worse, you you are in a long distance relationships *you, yes you!*), I guess not everyone can really follow why the pink cherry blossoms have to be connected with the let’s-be-more-romantic kind of atmosphere.


2016-04-04 14.58.33
Credit: @edreaMJ – Burrard Station, Vancouver circa 2015

If you think that there’s nothing about spring to exaggerate, 10 cm got your back! If you still feel like Spring is your chance to have all those romantic cherry blossoms date or extra romantic walking under those pink trees with your date, then you can laugh along this song *I guess* and have breather from those romantic spring anthems.


Do you like spring that much? Yes? No? Well, don’t mind if I do! Words of advice tho, cherry blossoms will only bloom for a really short period of time. Before you know it, they will fall to the ground *or washed away by the rain* and bam – they’re gone. So, whether you are starting your relationships because you think that spring is the right time, or if you think that it’s the perfect chance to feel extra excited and lovey dovey, I hope it will last way longer than cherry blossoms bloom!


Remember that it is not what triggers your heart *or tummy* to feel that roaming butterflies that matter the most. It’s not the happy colours that should set how close or comfy you are to your plus one. But the most important thing is the fact that you are with that very person. That what makes it special.  And that very decision that you made to be with that person will make you go through not only the during cherry blossoms fever, but also the rest of spring and all through the other 3 seasons times infinity.


Happy spring all!


몽땅  망해라! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ






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