Catching Rainbow of Memories – Little Girl

Happy Monday!


Most of the time, I would prefer to listen to an original version of a song. But for this one, I would have to lean more towards the remake artist. That song is this:



It is a remake of Lee Moon-Sae/이문세 track Little Girl/소녀, performed by Oh-Hyuk/오혁 for the hit drama Reply 1988/응답하라 1988.


I’m a fan of both artists, so it is fair to say that I don’t have more biases for one of the artist. The original song is beautiful too. But, Oh-Hyuk’s sentimental voice and the arrangement of the remake added more layers of complex emotions that brings you both nostalgia and other tingling feelings in your chest while listening to it.


It’s like you can tell that Lee Moon Sae’s version is the original version that feels refreshing modern in its era kinda style. while Oh-Hyuk’s version has so much of reminiscing and longing embed to it, that even though it is clearly a modern remake, the song feels “old” and it just brought the song to another level. Man it’s super hard to explain. But anyways, both the original and the remake versions are so worth listening to!



Lyrics + Translations


소녀 – 이문세

Little Girl – Lee Moon-Sae


내 곁에만 머물러요 떠나면 안돼요 / Just stay by my side, you  should not leave me

그리움 두고 머나먼 길 / to that long long road, leaving this feeling of longing

그대 무지개를 찾아올 순 없어요 / you would not be able to look for the rainbow


노을 진 창가에 앉아 / Sit at the window shone by the glow of the rising sun

멀리 떠가는 구름을 보면 / When looking at the far away floating clouds

찾고 싶은 옛 생각들 하늘에 그려요 / Paint those old memories that you want to find again in the sky


음 불어오는 차가운 바람 속에 / Hmmm inside the cold blowing wind

그대 외로워 울지만 / you are crying because of loneliness, but

나 항상 그대 곁에 머물겠어요 / I will always stay by your side

떠나지 않아요 / I will not leave


내 곁에만 머물러요 떠나면 안돼요 / Just stay by my side, you  should not leave me


Such a beautifully written song, that makes me wonder. Why 소녀/Little Girl? Is the little girl trying to leave you for the rainbow, in longing for the old times? Will the loneliness of that cold longing will be gone if the little girl stay by your side. But who are you?




The sentimental feeling of longing in this song is beyond comprehension.

So beautiful.

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