It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl

Happy Sentimental Friday!

Today’s post is going to come out to be a tad more personal than how I would normally wish my blog posts to be. But still, we’ll be discussing a good Korean Drama filled with raw emotions and a lot of encouragement.

Credit: SBS

It’s OK Daddy’s Girl is a SBS drama aired in 2011. It tells a story about the struggle of two families to defend and save Eun Chae-Ryung’s (Moon Chae-Won) father from false accusation of crime. Chae-Ryung lived in a sheltered (ehem *spoiled*) life thanks to her dad.

When her dad collapsed, she had to learn oh how to grow up. In her struggles in keeping the family together, finding ways to save her dad, wishing her dad will wake up soon, discovering her true character (that were concealed with the pretenses she had while living the uptown live); she discovered her strength by knowing that she is *indeed* her dad’s daughter.

Well, of course with the help of handsome lads around her.

Credit: SBS

“It’s ok daddy’s girl” – is the phrase that Chae-Ryung’s dad used, to ensure her daughters that everything is going to be ok. The source of strength for Chae-Ryung and her sister to face all ordeals that came their ways.


I was smitten by this drama because it was not the normal rags-riches romance/family drama. As I mentioned before, two families went hand in hand to find that much needed justice and restoration *in health and in truth* for the father. That included the family of Choi Hyuk-Ki (Choi Jin-Hyuk *yes you’re given the pass to fangirl*) and Choi Wook-Gi (Super Junior’s Lee Dong-Hae),whose family was unintentionally, but tragically, involved in the whole accident/crime. Of course, romance bloomed between the male and female lead characters *duh*. But bear in mind that Hyk-Ki was not from a well-off family. But yet, they were not lacking even an inch of affection and earnestness to face life with a smile.

Credit: SBS

For most daddy’s little girls, dads are their first love and the person they rely on the most. But one point in our lives, we’ll have to be in the same position with Chae-Ryung: not being able to have that stronghold anymore/for the time being, and having to grow up completely on our own two feet.

Credit: SBS

So today (February 19, 2016) is my late dad’s birthday. The first birthday without him. The past few weeks were really hard and stressful for me (things to be done, to think about – the normal life challenges). And without me knowing, it got harder as his birthday drew near. So the two mixed together and I broke down. Geez, I wouldn’t imagine that today was gonna be this tough.

I had wished, during those down times, that I could pick up the phone to randomly say hi or to ask him things like “what do you think about this situation” or “what do you think I should do”. Although brusque, I know he would have had given me his wisest response to help and calm me down. And plus today is his birthday, oh how I wish I could just… Yeah.

The phrase that Chae-Ryung’s father had used – that became his daughter’s spells to muster up some courage and strength – has reminded me to also pick up those courage and strength to keep on going. Even though he is not here, he is in my heart. And everything is going to be ok because I am his daughter.


“괜찮아 아빠 딸”

So. For all of Chae-Ryungs out there. No matter if you currently facing the same struggles as the drama’s heroine, myself, or even if you have to live away from you dad (boarding school, living abroad, etc) just remember that, because you are your dad’s girl, you will always carry his love and wisdom in your heart. You will remember them forever, as the companion of your journey. Believe that you can pour out your best effort, because you have learned of having the zest for life and the sincerity to face it only from the best. Let’s make him proud!

I love you, Pa. Happy birthday!

Until Monday!



One thought on “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl

  1. sivibi

    haha … geez, I have my eyes watery.
    I feel you med…
    and uhm… there is no difference even it is the third year for me already. But, we are getting stronger everytime 😉

    and happy birthday dear meda’s dad

    PS: another similarities; both our dads are Feb babies 😉


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