Dreamy Jazzy Collabo – JYP x SM

Happy….is it spring yet, Monday?

I have read about it, but for some reasons it took me days and 3 million views later, before I decided to give this song a good listen. I should have done it earlier. Cause this song is plain beautiful. Jazzy beautiful with clear voices of the unexpected collabo between singers of rivaling companies. Yes.I’m talking about Miss A’s Suzy of JYP Ent. x EXO’s Baekhyun of SM Ent. recent duet song: Dream.  

Don’t get me wrong. I love K-Pop, like in idol groups K-Pop. It’s just that most days, I would prefer Korean oldie or Indie because pop dance music might not go well with that day’s mood.
I’m quite surprised with the genre of the duet song. Jazzy + Neo Soul influenced pop R&B seems to well complement Suzy’s and Bakehyun’s voice *the club verison is super chill too*. I wish the K-Pop scene would produce more exciting songs like this in the future.


Credit: LOEN Entertainment

Lyrics + Translations

Dream – 수지 x 백현 / Suzy x Baekhyun

예쁘네 오늘도 어제만큼 / you’re also pretty today, as much as you were yesterday

아니 오늘은 더 예뻐졌네 / oh no, you actually got prettier today

이런 말을 할 때마다 너는 / whenever I say things like this, you

못 들은 척 늘 딴 얘기를 해 / pretend that you did not hear it and will always talk about something else


어젠 너무 좋은 꿈을 꿨어 / yesterday I dreamt a really good dream

지금 말해주긴 / I will let you know right now

간지러워서 말하기 싫어 / I don’t want to talk about it cause it tingles

그리고 이런 건 말하면 안 된대 / and also I shouldn’t say things like this


Dream 다신 꾸지 못하는 / dream that I wouldn’t dare to dream again

너무 기분 좋은 꿈 / the dream that feels so good

나는 니가 꼭 그런 거 같은데 / I think you are just like that for me


dream 종일 아른거리는 / dream that haunts me throughout the day

너무 기분 좋은 꿈 / the dream that feels so good

그게 바로 너 / that’s exactly what you are


우리 둘 너무 잘 어울린대 / the two of us match well

I know, she knows,

사실 내가 봐도 그래 / to tell you the truth I would think so

근데 가끔 불안한 / but sometimes it’s uneasy

기분이 들 땐 혼자서 울적해 / feeling blue on my own


hmm 거짓말 그렇게 자신 있는 / hmm telling lies with that kind of confidence

얼굴을 하고 있으면서 / showing in your look

하지만 듣기엔 참 좋다 / but it sounded so good

그렇긴 하네 / yeah, it seems just like that


dream 다신 꾸지 못하는 / dream that I wouldn’t dare to dream again

너무 기분 좋은 꿈 / the dream that feels so good

나는 니가 꼭 그런 거 같은데 / For me, I think you’re just like that


well, I don’t care

even if you’re a sweet liar

well, I don’t care

cause I will make you believe


dream 지금 그런 눈으로 / dream now with that kind of gaze

나를 바라볼 때면 / whenever you look at me

나는 니가 꼭 내 것 같은데 / it feels like you are certainly mine


dream 다시 잠들고 싶은 / dream I want to fall asleep again

너무 기분 좋은 꿈/ the dream that feels so good

그게 바로 너 / that’s exactly what you are

JYP x SM collaboration is a huge *but pleasant* surprise for K-Pop fandom. I’m just so happy to see talented artists doing refreshing music projects and collabos like this. The song is beautiful. And may I add that they look amazing in the MV. *I want baekhyun’s pink hair!!!! (actually thinking of getting it for Spring)*.


So, do you have anyone who feels like a good dream to you? Maybe it’s time to go back to sleep. Or just give them this song as an encrypted message. Anyways let there be more dreamy kpop jazzy songs!


Credit: LOEN Entertainment

Let’s not run away from the week and I’ll talk to you on Friday,



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