If you are hanging in there, you haven’t reached your limit – Oh My Venus

Happy Friday, no it’s not the first friday of the week, of the month, nor of the year! I mean happy Friday for those who have to work overtime on a Saturday.

My excuse for this late post – I was debating should include a bit of my personal experience or not. So I wrote it and deleted it and ended up being distracted by a potluck dinner I had with my roomie and her friends.

Anyways. How are you doing with your new year’s resolution? The first week of 2016 has passed, are you showing signs of giving up? I told you not to have resolution like “losing weight for 2016”! But whatever you are doing to make a better you in 2016, remember that 21-40 days – some people says 66 days – to build a new habit. So, just keep going!

If you need inspiration/motivation to persevere, you can learn a thing or two from KBS2 Drama 오 마이 비너스/Oh My Venus! one and only heroine: 강주은/Kang Joo-Eun (played by Shin Min-A)


Credit: KBS2


This romantic comedy drama revolves around Kang Joo-Eun and 김영호/Kim Young-Ho a.k.a John Kim (played by So Ji-Sub) and their fight against their conditions. Kang Joo-Eun with hypothyroidism (when your thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones), and Kim Young-Ho with physical and mental traumas from an accident that happened during his childhood.


Credit: KBS2


If you *for some reason* have seen my other SNS (Instagram, Tumblr, etc.), or if you caught some hints I had on my previous posts, you might have known that early last year I was diagnosed with a chronic disease called Graves. It’s Hyperthyroidism, the opposite of what Joo-Eun had. If hypo is caused by the thyroid itself, hyper is an autoimmune disease. They’re the opposite from one another, but some of the conditions/effects are similar.

So, during the first 2 very funny episodes I just bursted into tears. It was not a pity party. But tears because it just spoke to me in a personal way. Like suddenly someone could understand what you are going through and the intensity of the fight against it (and the many looking and judging eyes), and they are also fighting along with me (and showing how it’s done).

So this posts will showcase a few things that I learned from Joo-Eun, her handsome coach-nim, and from the drama in general *embrace yourself with quotes galore*.


Credit: KBS2


Whatever the magnitude, everyone is in pain, in their own little way. So, don’t cry. Everyone is still living on, enduring their burdens. – John Kim

I learned from Joo-Eun’s struggle to not be defeated and that, often times, what constrains and limits us the most is ourselves. With her I’ll-prove-to-you-that-I-am-Daegu-Venus mentality, and with the help of *what I like to call* the three handsome chipmunks Joo-Eun’s musketeers, she was able to achieve her goal in the healthy and happy way. The adorkable Joon-Sung and Ji-Woong made, what supposed to be dragging, her routine more fun as they kept on helping with their care and funny acts.


Credit: KBS2 Subs: Drama Fever


I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it. To me they are the same. If I believe I can do it. Because I believe, I can do it. – Ep. 11

Coach-nim. I learned a lot from him too. Even if everyone is helping you, at the end of the day it’s your fight. No one else will do it on your behalf, no one can enter the ring to help you further. It’s your (lonely) battle that you have to face. To give up or to keep on going, it’s your own decision. Coach-nim courage to face his trauma. And to continue on his battle for the second time… Respect.


Credit: KBS2


It may look fine on the outside but it needs time to heal – Ep. 2

The drama was a really fun one to watch. Joo-Eun + Young-Ho funny and cheesy interactions are adorkable. From the antagonists characters presented at the beginning of the drama, I expected it to have a vicious backstabbing, if not a little bit cruel, kinda plot. But the antagonists were there for a bit and the plot revolving their “mean” nature were not developed thoroughly. It’s good and bad I think. I don’t like to see a long and winding story with too many unexpected I-feel-like-punching-you-in-the-face-for-doing-that kind of plot. But it made me question why they are there. What significance do they have in the story in general? Did the writer have a more profound meaning/story for them but they ended up cherry picking some of them, just to make it a “drama”.

Well I don’t know. But the antagonists fast-pace development feels like an itchy spot that you could really not scratch for me.

 Do you know why the past is important? Because it serves as a lesson for us. – Ep. 1

Now, for all Kang Joo-Euns and Young-Hos out there, with whatever conditions *esp. health* you are in, may we will be able to encourage each other, and to push ourselves outside of our boundaries. Although it is easier to do it together, than alone, there will be days when we need to “tap-tap”, take a Kang Joo-eun day, or we would even need to face fight alone. But that’s ok, we’re in this mental, emotional, physical healing journey together.

For those coach-nims who are already one or two steps ahead, it’s time for you to look back and reach out to those behind you so they could get motivated to keep on going.


Credit: KBS2 Subs: Drama Fever


Let’s not be defeated and dictated by those conditions. But instead, remember that:

We can’t give up because we’re scared of something – Ep. 16

and that:

기억해요. 버티고 있다면 한계가 아니라는 거 믿으면 할 수 있다는 거 / Remember. If you’re hanging in there, You haven’t reached your limit (you haven’t done anything beyond your limit). If you believe, you can do it. – Ep. 14


Credit: KBS2 Subs: Drama Fever



To the being healthy is sexy days!


3 thoughts on “If you are hanging in there, you haven’t reached your limit – Oh My Venus

    1. edreaMJ

      Thank you for visiting and reading the post. There’s a lot to learn from this drama, and I’ll work harder to find those good stuffs out of the other Korean dramas as well 🙂

      If you have any drama recommendation, please let me know!

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      1. Ayesha

        I’m finishing Oh My Venus today. I love it! Such great, inspirational and motivational moments! Have you watched Goblin? It’s so good!


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