To You Who Eat A Lot Because You Are Lonely – Let’s Eat

Happy first day of 2016. First Friday, first post of the year.

2015 went by so fast. I hope 2015 treated you well and 2016 started on an awesome note for you all.

I went through a lot and learned a lot, did a lot of growing up, experienced a lot. Some of them includes the anxiety of still being on probation at work,  passing the 1 year mark with satisfying results, the unbelievable “I went home twice a year”, being diagnosed with graves + multiple visits to the emergency and fighting it in a posh style (although with occasional tears and discouragement), bidding goodbye to my dad, dealing with grievances before and after his passing, gathering strength from my fam *especially my cousins*, joyful wedding season of my bestie, gathering with mom and my aunt (endless shopping and good food), reviving the blog, to the leap of faith of submitting an entry for a contest. 

Woah. Eventful, hectic, yet meaningful 2015. 

I wondered how did it pass so fast and how did I survive the ups and downs of 2015. One thing for sure, it was by the grace of God. 

The other thing was that I was hanging unto a poem that was introduced on the last episode of tvN drama: Let’s Eat/식샤를합시다 (season 1). 

Credit: tvN

The drama itself was enjoyable – although I had to jump and skip some of it on the second half of the series (was too scared to watch the thriller parts and some of it were too dragging). The ending was very humble and touching.  Each episode was filled with yummy goodness that always left me craving for the particular food item they introduced (I would end up buying or making it or drooling on the screen). I love how they did the foodporn shots with bubbling sizzling sounds plus the *aaahh how could you eat so deliciously like that* acting of the casts! 

Anyways, the poem is called 밥/Rice by 처양희/Chun Yang-Hui. This poem gave me strength to persevere and to digest whatever came my way. Anyone needing an encouragement or two might be able to relate to the poem. I, myself, have this written and posted on my fridge and on my work computer’s monitor; and it goes like this:

외로워서 밥을 많이 먹다던 네에게 / To you who eat a lot because you’re lonely

권태로워 잠을 많이 자다던 너에게/ To you who sleep a lot becaue you’re bored

슬퍼서 많이 운다던 너에게 / To you who cry a lot because you’re sad

나는 쓴다 / I’m writing to you

궁지에 몰린 마음을 밥처럼 씹어라 / Those harbouring feelings that are pushed into a corner, chew them like (when you’re eating) rice

어차피 삶은 너가 소화해야 할 것이니까 / Because afterall, life is something that you would have to digest

My resolutions in 2016? I hope to grow stronger, better, happier, healthier personally. To persevere in doing what I love (like creating posts for this blog). To never stop learning. And to love more (God #1, fam, self, others). 

May you also find your mojo to bring the lessons you have had in 2015 to bring the best of 2016 for you and the people around you. Cause life is something that you have to digest anyway. Let’s rock 2016! Let’s level up and grow even more!


Credit: tvN

Ps: go watch the Let’s Eat season 1 if you need a drama to fill the rest of your NY long weekend 😀 *don’t blame me for excessive drooling ang constant hunger when you’re watching it tho*


Credit: tvN


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