Give Me My Real Age’s Life! Go Sassy Go Go!

Happy Friday!

I was anxiously waiting to see the result of the <What Makes Korea> contest, as I’m really interested which creations, from so many cool and uber creative, that will take the honor of being the winner.

And the announcement is being delayed until December 28, 2015.

While being feeling royally suspenseful, I remember I actually just finished watching a high-school drama series: 발칙하게 고고/Sassy Go Go. There are so many high-school themed k-dramas out there, but none of them was enticing enough for me to watch ‘em through the episodes. The last one I watched *and actually enjoyed watching it* was the (ehem) almost paaaaaradiiiiiiisee~ 꾳보더남자/Boys Before Flower.


Credit: KBS2


As I write this post, I’m trying to think about what makes me favoured this high-school drama more than the others, to a point that I could not wait for the new episode to come out.


Perhaps, it was the theme of the drama that went around the not-so-common boarding-school life, or the prestigious school fantasy, or the talents line-up (to be honest I did not know almost half of ‘em. But they did a great job and super good looking too).


Credit: KBS 2


After moments of pondering, I just came to realization that this drama is not all about the glitz and glam/the cool and smart world of being a high school student (nor the talents line-up). It’s because the drama talks about living your age to the fullest. In the this case: being a real 18-years old.




A very complex human form.


Of ourselves.

Do you remember, when you were younger, we had our moments of having fun *or too much fun* in our own idealistic world. Everything needed to be fair and well. We would fight for our value and think to ourselves: “I will keep this value and point of view forever”?. Now look at yourself today. Are you the person you imagined to be? Have you been achieving what you wanted to achieve; and preserving for the ideals that you had? What has changed? what made you changed?


Whatever it is. whatever happened in the growing up and walking into the world of adults, may we be reminded to live life to the fullest. And to worry for what we have in our plate. If you’re 25, just be 25 and don’t over think of what will happen when you’re 30 or you will miss your 25 years old glory. This I believe, is how the drama caught my attention.

Credit: KBS 2

What other points this drama could remind you of your idealistic, fun and energetic youth (including all the drama and i-don’t-want-to-be-that-kind-of-adult-when-I-grow-up)? Go and watch it yourself!


Happy weekend!


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