To the sea: Hey Luna – Earls

Happy I-know-I-owe-myself-a-Friday-post Monday!


Do you have days when you have a list of things *you would like* to do, and ended up going abstract on the list and forgetting that one important thing that you should have had done first thing first? Ah~ the story of my Friday’s post, that ends up to be just sitting in my Google drive. It would have to see the light of day until its next turn. Dear myself, I forgive you!


While trying to forgive myself and to be a little bit more productive (read: scrolling down my song list), I came across another Korean Indie favourite: light funk/easy-listening rock (I call this song as to be a dreamy rock with soul), hinted with the sound of the waves. What could be better than that?!

After listening this song, you might want to go out to the beach and chill *if you’re on the coast and it’s not super cold like Vancouver right now.


I am not sure why they are not as internationally well known as the other Korean Indie musicians, but I do think they have a really unique and refreshing style. This song is taken from Album 2.5 (2012?), with the same name as  the title track: Hey Luna!  I love it’s open-to-your-own-interpretation poetic lyrics.


Luna. The moon? A goddess? The waves? The sparkling sun shine on the sea water? Whatever it is, the story/picture/sensation/scene that this song draws to mind is nothing but beautiful. Abstract, but well-defined.

Credit: Earls


Lyrics + Translation

Hey Luna – Earls (얼스)


Hey Luna 휘파람을 불어봐 / Hey Luna, go and try to whistle

신비스런 너의 노랫소리를 / the mysterious voice of your song

고요한 누카의 밤바다 위에 /  on the top of serene night of the Nuka’s ocean

아름다운 울림이 가득하게 /  it’s packed with the beautiful echo

하지만 너 떠나는 날에 / But on the day that you leave

아무런 소리도 내지 말길 / I hope you do not make any noise


Hey Luna 밤하늘의 별은 / Hey Luna, the star of the night’s sky

그윽한 네 눈빛과 닮아있어 / It has a great resemblance with your profound gaze

부드러운 네 등이 반짝일 때 / when your smooth back is glistening

세상 그 무엇보다 눈부셨어 / is more dazzling than the world

그 누구도 상관없는 일 / that thing which has nothing to do with anyone

춤추듯 아름다운 너의 몸짓 / your beautiful dancing gesture


그 어느날 푸른 바다로 / that one day, to the blue sea

말없이 떠나게 친구여 / parting from its friend  without a word


바다로 우우우우~ / To the see Ooo ooo ooo ooo~


Now that you have listened to the song, have you drooled about getting sands and the gentle waves between your toes?



Do you want to go now? To Bali, perhaps?
Too bad, get back to work now, my friend 😉 just put the song on repeat, at least you’ll get to hear the sound of the refreshing waves.

Credit: Earls (Cyworld) 

Ps.: Enjoy the picture of the band that the western world wide web failed to display. Thank goodness for Korean search sites!

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