Thank you!

Happy Friday!

It’s gonna be the last no-post post of the month. I just did want to bombard you with multiple things at once. But here goes my heart for all of you who has been helping me through the online poll for the <What Makes Korea> contest. It has now moved on to the next step: judging. But here is my heartful THANK YOU. And we will be back with the posts on Monday!


For each one of you for clicking on that little heart! 1335 in 10 days!!
Hugs and high-5s for all, but especially for those who were more excited than me and tried to vote everyday, those who kept encouraging (read: bothering) their friends and fam to vote almost everyday, those who shared the words and love, those who supported me and believing in that messy essay (and in me) even when I’m too embarassed to call it a piece worth winning. You know who you are 😀
Poll time has ended and it’s all in the hands of the judges now, all we need to do is to wait for the final result. Your votes will be taken into consideration for sure! But winning the contest is not the most important thing! There are way cooler creations than mine for the entries.
BUT! I feel like a winner already from receiving your amazing love and support! Such a humbling experience. Sometimes (well, most of the time) it is hard to be different and to like sth that all other peeps around you can’t understand (not a lot of peeps with the same interest here!). But I am convinced to keep on going and do the things I love, no matter what.
To better essay days and more Koreanness!

Do what you love and it will love you back


감사하고 사랑합니다!

Do things that make you happy. Do it often!


Update: stay tune for the big announcement on Dec 18, 2015. I’m curious which ones will make it (way too many cool and amazing artworks)


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