Be Kinder to your Pimple – Coffee Boy

Happy waiting-for-arctic-blast-this-week Monday!


The weather is complicated. The world is complicated. Let’s bring in more simple things into our days. Coffee Boy is a k-indie singer-songwriter who likes to exhibit the simplicity of tunes and lyrics through his mellow indie pop songs. 커피 소년/Coffee Boy was the first Korean Indie singer I encountered in my life with his song 여드름/pimple (taken from his single, 2011)



Lyrics + Translation

여드름 – 커피 소년

Pimple – Coffee Boy

나를 보지 말아요 / Don’t look at me

나도 이런 내가 싫어요 / I also don’t like myself like this

아침이 두려운 난 거울 앞에 한숨 짓고 / I, who is afraid of the morning, sigh deeply in front of the mirror

또 내 얼굴을 짓이기죠 /  and my face is smashed again

내 어린날 앗아간 이 병은 도저히 낫지를 않아요 /  this illness, that snatched away my younger days, would not possible get better

나았다는 소문도 내겐 상관없나봐 얼마나 시간이 흘러야 하는지 / The rumor that says it’s getting better, does not seem to matter to me. No matter how much time would passed by

무던히도 아파했고 무던히도 울었던 / it was awfully hurting and it painfully cried

나의 얼굴과 맘에 새겨진 주홍글씨 / both my face and heart carved with scarlet letter

빨간 시들지 않는 꽃이여 / the unfading red flower

이젠 내가 너를 받아들일께 / I will now accept you

이런 날 사랑해… / I love the way I am…


I would say this song is such a breath of fresh air with its poetic lyrics, that came from a single *and super simple* thing. Not your regular love song. Still, it conveys a deep meaning and raw emotions.

It’s as if you are really standing in front of a mirror and see your inequities (read: parts of you that irritates you the most) as your pimple. But the only thing that the song does not leave you with is self hatred. Instead, it allows you to nurture those painful seeds into a flower.


I love the way I am *just like this, right now*.
Now it’s the time to be kinder to yourself and to be more accepting of that pimple. You’ll be a tad happier.

Credit: 커피 소년

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