One Step Closer – Korea Our Stories 2015

한걸음 더 가까이 – one step closer

Hello Friday, today is not a day for Korean drama. Today is the day where I ask you for a huge favour of love and support.


The Background Story

It started from finding a kind of random posting of a contest on Facebook: <What Makes Korea?/국가브랜드 공모전>.

And then this.

As I have mentioned in the previous post, I joined to prove that I am capable to defeat myself and actually do what I have always wanted to do. I pushed myself to the maximum limit of my creativity, and courage to actually submit my work (and tried my best to crush my self-doubts). I have to be honest, I did think about it days and nights, but the end result is still clumsy and far from perfect. It will be too embarrassing to call  it a well-done piece. Although my essay is lacking in many ways, it does reflect my sincere and sentiment of the topic I chose.

Who could have imagined that, with that piece of self-proving-but-not-actually-aiming-for-the-win essay, I would receive this notification:

20151118_212518 (1)

So I would like to ask you for your love and courage. If you know me personally or not, you would kinda know *or guess* the level of my passion and love towards Korea. So, please do join me in the next step of the fight. We will never know where this could bring me to. So I thought, even though passing the first round is good enough for me *happy and excited*, let’s just try to put some more effort :). Unto the next round!


So this is how you can help me

Offline Voting: 한국에 *서울특별시*계신 친구/언니/오빠들 등등…(For those in Seoul, South Korea)

November 20 to 29, 2015. If you have time, there will be offline exhibition/voting for <What Makes Korea Contest> from  The venue: the lobby of Children’s Museum in National Museum of Korea located in Yong-san, Seoul.

Please come and visit (and share the love by voting). You might find my essay there. It’s called: 《Jeong (情), K-Food, and “Have You Eaten Yet” by Medarda Edrea Joseph》.

Online Voting: 

25th of November ~ 4th of December 24:00 KST (10 days’ duration). Voting will be held at the official website:
Detailed instructions will be provided soon *I will update it once I have received more info*.


Clumsy and way far from perfect. It conveys my deepest passion and love for the culture nevertheless.

You can vote once per day from today to Dec 4th, 2015 KST

How to vote:
1. Go to국가브랜드-선호도조사-b/?slug=대국민공모-2차-글 
2. Click on the contest  icon (should be the 3rd or 4th from top), until the title comes up: JEONG (情), K-FOOD, AND “HAVE YOU EATEN YET” – ME**DA ED**A JOSEPH (CANADA)
3. Click on the heart icon
4. Spread the words, share the love!
5. You’ll get hugs and/or high-5s times the number you vote!

If you have time, please kindly read it too ❤

Link to VOTE

Help me prove to myself *and to all people hesitating to do what they love* that:

Do what you love, and it will love you back

and for me to:

Never. Ever. Give up!


Love and biggest gratitude for you all,



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