Pink Rays that Turned Blue: Because I Love You – Yoo Jae Ha

Monday is here!

While a warm cup of London fog, a blankie and a pair of sketch/notebook and pen sounds more enticing than numerous factors at work that could lead you to serious headaches, well, here we “well”come the first day of the week *back to reality*

When I was getting ready this morning, I got to listened to a song that I have not played for the longest time. While it is not a complete set of london fog + blankie + notebook + pen, It did bring the same zen properties to my Monday.

Lyrics + Translation

사랑하기 때문에 – 유재하

Because I DO Love you – Yoo Jae-Ha

처음 느낀 그대 눈빛은 / The first feeling of the look in your eyes

혼자만의 오해였던가요 / Was it my own misunderstanding alone?

해맑은 미소로 나를 바보로 만들었소 / With your bright smile, you turned me into a fool

내곁을 떠나가던 날 / The day you left from my side

가슴에 품었던 분홍빛의 수많은 추억들이 /  the pink rays of countless memories harbored in my heart,

푸르게 바래졌소 / Faded into blue

어제는 떠난 그대를 /  You, who left yesterday,

잊지 못하는 내가 미웠죠 / I hated myself who could not forget about you

하지만 이제 깨달아요 / But I now realize

그대만의 나였음을 / I could say I was yours only

다시 돌아온 그대위해 / For you who is coming back

내 모든 것 드릴테요 / I will give my everything

우리 이대로 영원히 /  For us to be as it is forever

헤어지지 않으리 / shall not be apart

나 오직 그대만을/ I, only you

사랑하기 때문에 / because I do love you

커다란 그대를 향해 / The huge rush towards you

작아져만 가는 나이기에 / only grows smaller during a period of time

그 무슨 뜻이라해도 / Whatever it means

조용히 따르리오 / I will be willing to quietly follow

사랑하기/saranghagi. In my Korean noob assumption, the word has a strong emphasis of the verb. Instead of just saying “I love you”, I think it  reflects more on the action “to love”, or “to DO (the action of) love” *instead of so much of the emotion itself like when we hear the phrase “I love you”*. I brought that up because I feel that, “Because I do/am doing the act or action of love” clicks more as to just simply translating it as “Because i love you”.  There goes grammar lesson of the day. NOT! *I’ll try to find some more scientific/grammatically correct explanation to it*.

Credit: Yoo Jae-Ha/유재하음악장학회

I have a special place for oldies songs. I love digging into old songs that I encountered through reality shows, cafes, friends, etc. This song, was Yoo Jae-Ha’s title song for his first album – published in early 1987. In November, in the same year, the *then* young singer/composer passed away from a car accident. It is said, tho, that he was the jack-of-all-trades in the music realm. Most of his lyrics were written based on his own experience. A sincere and timeless masterpiece.

Oh life.

Well, let’s get beck to wrestling the rest of the day. With comfort, or memories, it’s all up to you! 😀 Fighting!




The day you left from my side, 
the pink rays of countless memories harbored in my heart,
faded into blue.

This one is for you. For my first love, my protector, my teacher, and the strong root I grew from. There’s not a single day when I don’t miss you, 아빠 <3.

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