Ways To Be Pretty – She Was Pretty

Happy Friday the 13th!

You know what’s coming your way, K-Drama lovers! Yes. It is a sad day when I finally write about She Was Pretty/그녀는예뻤다 *meaning that the series has now concluded. c’est fini!*

Credit: MBC

When I started to *ehem* ponder about the drama, I felt I wanted to write about a lot of stuff. But I realized that, that a-lot-of-stuff is not what I want to share with you. So I will try to convey/share my reflections that I received from watching this super interesting/could not be more exciting than this/I’m so gonna watch it all over again kind of drama. Today, Kim Hye-Jin is the main lead of this post, and the other main characters might need to move a little bit and stay as a supporting roles as she is finding the ways to be pretty.

But before we get to those points, let me just say these:

I was kind of very much disappointed by the sad ending rumors that hovered around the web. Although, they made sense to some extents, I do think that it took away the whole meaning of the drama *and would have totally changed the genre from romantic comedy to horror melodrama*. I was hesitant to watch episode 15 because of that. Even though, it turned out to be good, I still had the feeling of being ”betrayed” :D. That being said, the ending episodes (15 and 16) are the perfect series wrap-up. Providing flashbacks to some of the previous episodes, without making it feel “too rushed for it to be over” like how some dramas make you feel as they are coming to an end. 딱내스타일! (exactly my style!). Even if you have not watched the drama, watching episodes 15 and 16 will tell you enough of its “lessons of the story” with a “now get up and do what you love” kind of kick. Still, I want to share some of those valuable scenes, quotes and thoughts of it. I seriously encourage you to watch *at least* episode 16 as it carries so many good meaning and heart-warming see-it’s-ok-not-to-be-ok

Episode 16: http://www.viki.com/videos/1079550v-she-was-pretty-episode-16

Shout out to Choi Si-Won! Well, if you know that he was the first Korean boy band member that I was a fan of *I named my “first” puppy doll 별시원/as in Star Si-Won*, you might think that I have biased for his acting. But nope. I have not been following his acting career. But! I’m giving him my standing ovation! His acting is more than idol-dives-into-acting-scenes kind of acting. Bravo!

And 소영아…이소영, if you are reading this.you were right about Park Seo-Jun right from that drama screenshot you tagged me on Instagram. (Let’s take a moment for some fan-girl-ing).

Hardships, hardships, hardships

It is really easy to feel that our life is controlled by other circumstances. There are so many posts on Facebook, implying that new moms who have not been doing her make-up or making her hair have somewhat given up on certain things. Well I do remember days when I feel like I could do something if, and only if, the situations I was in were different. 

It was told that Kim Hye-Jin carried the not so pretty genes of her father. Plus, the family financial situation, and every other situation dictated her to keep her appearance like “Jackson style”:

Credit: MBC
Credit: MBC

Well, it should not also dictate how you feel about yourself, let alone to limit you from what you can or cannot do in the society. I know it is easier said than done. But apparently, not everyone has the same view as other people. And that person, of a bunch of people, could recognized your true potential, and maybe help you sharpen some edges that could help you make your way through those harsh piercing eyes and judgements.

Looking through the foggy glass

Sometimes, it takes another pair of eyes to appreciate yourself, for who you are, even when you are covered in mud. They may take form as your best friends, mom, teachers, etc. But they are the one who could see your beauty, even when you could not see it for yourself.

Credit: MBC. Subs: Drama Fever

I really love the above scenes for two main reasons:

  1. Simple happiness. Sung-Joon and Hye-Jjin was looking at the same sky and was mesmerized by its beauty. Happiness is not far away and it comes in the simplest form. If only we could stop and inhale all the small happiness around us.
  2. Kim Shi-Hyeok. Looking at Jackson with a confirming statement that she IS indeed pretty. Even though she was not in the place to see it for her self.

Kim Shi-Hyeok saw through the outer appearance of Jackson Kim Hye-Jin, that acts as if it’s a shield or fogs on a glass. But his voice was not heard because she was busy hearing other noises.

Being pretty for yourself

I treasure episode 15 and 16 the most. Like I said before, even if you are not a drama fan, or if you are not interested in watching She Was Pretty, I think episode 15 and 16 are worth investing your time. There are so many things that can help you understand that you should not do a make over for other people but your self. I’m not saying if you can or cannot or should or should not.

Kim Hye-Jin did an extreme make over. When she was little, she used to go to the beauty shops to get her hair done. And for some reasons *hardships of life* she just stopped carding. That appearance always brought her spirit down as people always treated her as a second class citizen. A supporting role. So she changed the way her dressed and put on some makeup, to prove that people were wrong about her. It did help her. Maybe we need to start from the out side to believe what’s in the inside of us is, in a matter of fact, pretty.

But that did not make her feel 100% happy. With the help of Ha-Ri, Sung-Joon, and Reporter Kim, she finally came to realization that she needs to be pretty for herself. More than anything else, and more than for anyone else.

And she found, that you will glow and look pretty when you do what you love. After all, it’s the inside that matter, right?


But now, I have this thought. Maybe it was me who decided that I was one of the supporting characters – kind of thought

Unlike any other Cinderella drama, Kim Hye-Jin did not really maintain her “up-do” and “made” look to reach her happy ending. In fact, she turned to her old looks but looking prettier than ever (thank you writer-nim for doing this. Jo Sung-heem I’ll be your new fan!). With that look, she accomplished so many things and shine even brighter than compared to when she had that hair-makeup-and-most-like-fashion make over.

So today, I hope I could encourage all of the Kim Hye-Jins out there to not focus so much on what life and society dictate you to be. Even though they could drive you to a certain direction. It is you who would decide if you want to stay to be just a supporting role, or the main lead of your life. With or without looking pretty for the eyes to see. Even though it is easier said than done, don’t you think that this drama is right about one thing? You will look pretty if you have the confident that will convince the love for your self. “Do what you love, and it will love you back” than could be heard as “Do what you love and you will be glowing from the inside”. That what makes you pretty.


Credit: MBC. Subs: Viki

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