First Step was the Hardest – Korea Our Stories 2015

Hi Friday.

I’m running out of my creative writing juice *and energy*.
And I’m allowing myself for a break. So there won’t be any Friday Review today. Instread, let me explain of this: I posted, “secret project”, a couple of weeks ago. Welp. It was not actually a secret project. It was more a secret for myself because I know myself to well.

Long story short, there’s this contest:


All these years, there were a lot of contests *Korean related* that I wanted to do. Yes. Wanted. In my head. And it stayed just right in my head.

Now that I have been writing a lot more, I toughen up and actually whipped my self to join this contest. So it was a secret because I have a tendency to saying it out loud/sharing/publishing it but ended up not actually doing it.

Now that I have submitted everything, I can tap my self on the shoulder. You did it!

I won’t expect much, let alone to actually win a prize *although it would be nice*. Cause, I have won the battle against myself *the most important thing of all this*. It is one step closer to a better self and towards whatever my dream actually is.

Guys, contest end Nov 08, 2015. YOU STILL HAVE TIME. DO IT!

See you on Monday 😄


2 thoughts on “First Step was the Hardest – Korea Our Stories 2015

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