Wipe Off your Tears – An essay by Fujita Sayuri

Happy Friday the 30th-the-night-before-…….-Saturday!!!

Dear Korean language learners, *not Korean drama lovers for today*,

Do you know that Naver has an ebooks app *that has a wide range of collections* that allow you to download A LOT of e-books for free? YES! Go swim in a pool of Korean learning materials goodness.


Credits: NaverBooks, Nexus Books, Fujita Sayuri
After I found out that Noble, My Love is actually an e-book series and not webtoon, I created a new Naver ID *because my old one got deactivated for inactivity and I forgot all of its credentials*, and downloaded the app. You see, I have been wanting to get some Korean kids novel/chicklits so I can learn by reading them Korean books out loud *sometimes* while trying to understand the story by reading it through. I know it works, because that was how I learned English when I was young (I remember those Harry Potter books and Tintin series my parents got for my siblings and I*.

The first boom that I read was by Fujita Sayuri/후지타 사유리. She’s a TV personality who is based in South Korea. I know nothing about her, but I think I have seen here once or twice on some Korean TV shows. The e-book is an essay, in category 체험판/personal experience called: 눈물을 딱고/Wipe Off Your Tears.

Credits: NaverBooks, Nexus Books, Fujita Sayuri

It’s quite easy to read and to understand *and it’s short a.k.a concise, so it’s not burdensome* Maybe she used easy vocabs. Maybe because Korean it’s not her first language too. But I feel like I could tap my shoulder for reading this short essay, from the beginning to the end, and was able to understand it.

I really like the writing style too. It’s half story-telling, half diary, with punches of motivating lines. Here some of her essay’s “snippets” or “quotes *most came from her mother*” that I would like to share with you all. Bear with me tho, I tried my best to translate it for you *with my limited Korean*
지켜 주고 싶은 마음니 더 크면 결혼하라/ If you have a bigger desire to protect that person, go get married

Credits: NaverBooks, Nexus Books, Fujita Sayuri

“…좋은 학교에 다니는 남자를 찾이 말고 네가 좋은 학교를 다녀. 좋은 차를 가진 남자를 찾이 말고 네가 좋은 차를 가져. 돈 많은 남자를 찾이 말고 스스로 돈을 벌어. 넌 가진게 없으면서 상대에게 바라지마. 그리고 네가 상대방 보다 하나 더 가지고 있더라도 상대를 절대 무시하지마” 

 “…do not look for a guy who goes to a good school, but go to the school that you like. Do not look for a guy who has a good car, but get that good car that you like. Do not look for a guy who has a lot of money, but earn your own money yourself. If you do not have something, do not wish for that thing from the other person. And also, even if you have something more than the other person, never look down on that person”

남에게 도음을 주는 것이 진짜 효도이다/ Helping another person is the real filial piety 


Credits: NaverBooks, Nexus Books, Fujita Sayuri

엄마는 이렇게 말했다.

“사유리, 효도라는 것은 단지 자기 부모님에게만 잘하는 것이 아니야. 자식이 남에게 도움이 될 수 있는 사람이라는 것이 사실 가장 큰 효도야”

Mom said it this way.

“Sayuri, filial piety (Asian concept of being good/devoted to one’s parents) is not merely doing good only towards one’s parents. If your kids could be helpful towards others, it’s actually the biggest filial piety”


Credits: NaverBooks, Nexus Books, Fujita Sayuri
So there you go. A little preview of this e-book. To be honest with you, I like each and every chapters it has amd I feel I could relate to what she shared in this essay.

If you have gathered enough determination, go and read it. It will nourish your Korean skills and sharpen your heart and mind.


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