It’s Never Too Late – Twenty Again

Helloo crispy fried chicken like Friday!
Korean drama fans, you have no plan *or if you have your snacks, ice cream, blanket, pillow, etc. for a chillaxing Friday night filled with watching Kdramas*, go watch 두번째 스무살/Twenty Again.

Credit: tvN

I gotta admit, the first few episodes were kinda boring. I thought: “Here goes another helpless ajumma kinda domestic drama” and ” is it the new trend for mature ladies to act *too* child like and *too* naive?”

Welp, although they were true to some extent, this drama gave me a nice surprise. It turned out to be not only entertaining, but also to have some a valuable lessons.

Ah tvN, you guys did it again. Hire me as your foreign reviewer? 😏😝

I feel like there are so many pointers that I “learned” from this drama that I want share with you, to a point where I don’t even know where to start. But I’m gonna try anyway. *bear with me as this might turn into a long post, but I promise you we will learn something together*

“Not all who wander are lost” – J. R. R. Tolkien

Bad choices in life. No one could avoid them. Ha No-Ra’s life became miserable because of her bad choices when she was in school. She became a really young mom, at a tender age of 19 – secluded from everything she used to know in German – hated by her husband and son – became a timid version of herself *totally was not her the “original” version. 


Credit: tvN. Subs: DramaFever
Ha No-Ra was very unfortunate to have Kim Woo-Chul as her husband. Not only did he brought her to the sad state of her life, he hated her for changing into what she became. . Years went by and she lost herself. But it does not mean that she could not return to her old self. Although the detour and the finding-the-way-back is painful, Ha No-Ra got to find her old self and her dream v.02 by attending Woo Cheon University. Through it all, she found herself again. She did wander around, but she was not lost. She just needed to take one step out, and everything got unravelled naturally.

Credit: tvN. Subs: DramaFever

“It’s never too late”

Time is the worst punishment for our not-so-wise decision in life, for time waits for no one. Being Asian, a woman, and having “Asian dream”, this concerns me the most. Maybe one day I’ll tell you more personal stories about my own experiences. I often thinks, and reacts, like Ha No-Ra’s schoolmates who are Min-Soo’s age. “Why is she even here?” – “She is too old for this” – “We are working hard for a definite purpose, is she doing it just for fun/just because?”. 

Thanks to Yoon-Young and Cha Hyun-Seok. And her own determination, she could persevere through, showing to us: No. It’s never too late to achieve your dream.


Credit: tvN
You might need to work extra harder, walk in a narrower path, pushed by faster peeps. But it is never too late.  

Credit: tvN

“It is always impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

This one I learn from both three characters: No-Ra, Hyun-Seok, and Sang-Ye. Catching and following your dream, may look like you are an unrealistic hopeless romantic. But if it’s not now, then, when? So, take these words from Sang-Ye, won’t ya? #carpediem

Credit: tvN. Subs: DramaFever

Though, there are many other gold like lessons in this drama, Inwould like tompoint out one last thing on this blog. Last but not least:

Do it for the sake of yourself

… And no one else.

Ha No-Ra might set on the wrong foot. But as she came to realize who she really is, she started to eliminate those factors who had been weighing her down. And she did it for herself. Only then, others, especially Min-Soo and soon to be her ex-husband, could see her shine and get to know her strong charms. As if they are telling you that people could only appreciate and love you, if you first appreicate and love yourself.


Credit: tvN
To all, Ha No-Ras out there. You are super cool! Not everyone has enough determination and courage to do what you do. Even if it is really different to a point that you think that no one would understand, but hey, believing in your dream equals believing in yourself right? 

Detours? C’est la vie. 

Not exactly what you dreamt about, initially? Hey v.02, v.03 would be much cooler, sharper, and stronger as life is its best teacher and critics.

Please persevere. This is a prayer from one Ha No-Ra to another.

“Today you are youer than you, that is truer than true” – Dr. Seuss

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