Cheesy Spicy Rice Cake and Korean Fried Chicken – Ajuker Coquitlam

Ah, Wednesday! Just a few more days before the weekends!

My mom and her friend are here in town, visiting from Indonesia. There are two things that led me to taking them to the restaurant I’m gonna showcase to you today:

1. From day 1, my mom has been “nagging” that I have not brought her to have some Korean fried chicken that she likes
2. These 2 ajummas have been watching Twenty Again, and ended up craving for some 떡볶이/tteokbokki/Korean spicy rice cake.


My friend offered to take them around, after work, to see the city lights and views from all over town. So we decided to have dinner before our night time drive session. What would be best to feed these ajummas cravings in one go?


We went to Ajuker Chicken in Coquitlam. They are claimed to have the best Korean fried chicken in town. And asking Koreans where if I should go somewhere else or not was the best decision of the night.

We ordered:
– 치즈 떡볶이/Cheese tteokbokki
– 후라이드 치킨/Fried chicken
– 계란탕/Steam egg soup

My mom and her friend were super satisfied with the chicken AND the cheese spicy rice cake. I would have to agree with them – they were so gooood. I would let them use “the best Korean fried chicken in Vancouver”.


Damaged was done, the ajummas were still curious, and we ordered one more portion of 떡볶이, this time without the cheese. T’was good, but the cheese one was better and richer in taste. We also got some fish cake soup as service *gotta love that service culture*

I would go again *well I went here several times before*, but, it’s not convenient to transit there (dear ever green line skytrain, please be operating soon).

So there you go. If you need some Korean fried chicken and cheese rice cake fix (their spicy sauce *양념 치킨* fried chicken is good too), you know where to go.

Casual/comfy dining – humble decor – friendly service – super busy on weekends *if I remember it correctly*




Ajuker Chicken
508 Clarke Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3J 7V6
(604) 936-5527
Open 7 days/week: 2 pm – 2 am


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