Love that Changes the Alligator Queen – Yong Pal

Happy riding on the sizzling hot Friday! *weird (and bad) translation of 불금*

Wooh. Today was a really long day. And *hopefully* today ends an exhausting series of working over time *thus the late post*. But sometimes work life will remind you of a drama about work life and/or a song. You know, sometimes you would remember a song when you are talking about a topic with your friend – or when you remember a certain situation *or maybe not you, it’s just me?*. It’s like a lightbulb moment where you are inspired with a song that could easily be the theme song of that situation *get it?*

For me, the song “Love Changes Everything” is the main (or the only) impression I got after I watched 용팔이/Yong Pal. It was a good drama. Good-ish. Joo Won has been taking unconventional roles in his previous dramas – and he nailed ‘em every single time. But, on this drama, I feel that his acting was overpowered by the not-so-convincing-but-still-good-well-kinda-ok acting by Kim Tae-Hee. She’s so pretty *duh* – that I gotta admit.

Credit: SBS

The storyline of this drama is predominantly about Han Yeo-Jin’s revenge; it crossed my mind that they should have put something that goes along the line of that theme, instead of “Yong Pal”, because the Yong Pal-ness of this drama, in my opinion, is only thoroughly highlighted on the few first episodes of the drama.

Credit: SBS

Have you ever heard the analogy of a bag of rotten potatoes? It says that holding onto your resentment is like holding onto a bag of rotten potatoes. The more you want revenge, the more potatoes you add into it; the longer you hold onto the bag, the more it weighs you down and the sicker you will be because of its stench and its visual. This analogy best illustrates Yeo-Jin’s revenge. Nothing good comes out of it. She, by claiming the queen of alligator position, veers everyone away. And her revenge brings nothing but: death, the desire to revenge on her revenge, and declining health *as if she’s healthy at the first place*.

Credit: SBS Subtitles: Drama Fever

“Love, love changes everything

Hands and faces, earth and sky

Love, love changes everything

How you live and how you die”

– Michael Ball

Yong-Pal/Kim Tae-Hyun invites Yeo-Jin to come down from the 13th floor where happiness resides. Although hesitant, Yeo-Jin could only step down knowing the love of Ta-Hyun that believes in her; and is actually there for her.

Credit: SBS

My dear K-Drama fans, may all of you would find the courage to let go your version(s) of a bag of rotten potatoes. Because, you realize it or not. There IS a force of love a.k.a Yong-Pal/Tae-Hyun that is waiting for you to give that strength to choose joy instead. And may you decide to start the journey today. Look around, your Yong Pal is near. *peace out as I will crash on my bed for another round of working over time during the weekend – MAYBE*


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