The Road Less Traveled – Noble, My Love

Aloha Friday! Happy the start of Canadian Thanksgiving LONG WEEKEND!

Dear Korean dramas fans, when was the last time that you watched s short-series and got equally entertained as the regular one? I’m usually quite picky with manga-based/webtoon-based series, but I fell into watching this 20 episodes of this 15 minutes drama series in less than 1.5 days.

If watching Korean dramas are like having a turkey feast, then Noble My Love/고결한 그대 is like nibbling on a slice of pumpkin pie as a snack. It’s delightful, but not to light that it’s too boring.

Credit: Naver TVCast

Noble My Love is based on the #1 webtoon on Naver. It tells a story of a poor, but cheerful, veterinarian who saved the nation’s most perfect bachelor from an injury. This drama was praised for having cats and scenes that look like they just jumped out of the webtoon right away. I would like to praise the character of Cha Yoon-Seo who takes ownership of her goals, and take pride in using her strength to achieve t.

Yoon-Seo works really hard to run her own animal hospital, despite the fact that:

  1. It’s somewhere out there, far far away from the glitz and glamour of the city
  2. It’s real small, high-class cats aren’t her number one clients, compared to the smelly cows
  3. She’s her own boss and worker

It shows that no matter what situation she is in (being poor and all) or no matter how little means she got in her pocket (to ve able to afford obly a very small clinic in the most secluded area), she is still able to work hard and realize her dream.

Saving Le Kang-Hoon offers her unlimited counts of pots of golds who could make her “dream realization” be blown up to another level. Who would not be tempted by that? But amazingly, she sticks to her values and continue on to become the good vet through what she has (not taking Kang-Hoon’s help for granted, and instead, considering it as a investment that she needs to return eventually) and her own achievements.

In my eyes, Yoon-Seo is taking the road less travelled. And it’s what makes her attractive. Believing that, as long as it is through our own blood and sweat, the frui will taste even sweeter. It would be nice to have one or two Kang-Hoons to lessen the burden once  in a while, but remember thet they are not, and should not be, the lead star of your dream.

I only take what I could digest – Cha Yoon Seo

May the Yoon-Seo in you be encouraged to take the world less travelled, as no matter hard it is, you will get there eventually if you believe in yourself. You will be provided enough to work things out. Your inequities and less-fortunate situations should not be a stumbling block to not even try tonrealize your goals and dreams!

Credit: Naver TVCast

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