Just As It Has Been Said: You Can Do It! – Sagging Snail

Let’s get Monday started with an encouraging quote:

“Don’t stop running if you found something worth chasing for”

무한 도전/무도/Mudo/Infinity Challenge has been doing a music festival every other year, where their members will each team up with prominent musicians and create a song that would be competed at the festival. In 2011, 서해안고속도로 가요제/West Coast Highway Music Festival, the nation’s MC slash grasshopper slash that-yellow-elevator-guy-in-PSY’s-Gangnam-Style: Yoo Jae-Suk teamed up with one of the nation’s best male soloist/pop musician Lee Juck and created one encouraging-ever-inspiring-or-motivating song that touched many young slouching spirits (even beyond the festival).

I always feel some sort of solemn aura around me whenever I listen to this song. Not because I’m sad or regretful. But because this song often bring the memories of my struggling “season(s)”, in a comforting way, that it always end with a reminder of what I’m striving for, why I should not stop pursuing it, and that I could make it someday. Then again the tunes are not dragging with emo like teenager, but more to somewhat popping piano tunes *guess it helps*.

Credit: MBC

This song tells you a story of a restless youth in his/her 20s, not believing that success is within an arm’s reach away. A very common worry for youths. Youths who could only struggle from day to day and worry about their daily lives, let alone to think about and try to to make their dreams come true.

Lyrics and Translation:

Note: I use “As it has been said”, instead as “As I say” Because it feels more “in tune” with the meaning of the song for me.

말하는 대로 – 유재석 + 이적

As I Say – Sagging Snail (Yoo Jae-Suk + Lee Juck)

나 스무살 적에 하루를 견디고 / The enemy of my 20-years old self is to withstand through a day

불안한 잠자리에 누울 때면 / At the restless sleeping place, if I close my eyes 

내일 뭐하지 내일 뭐하지 걱정을 했지 / I would worry “What do I do tomorrow?”, “what am I gonna do tomorrow”

두 눈을 감아도 통 잠은 안 오고 / Even if I close both of my eyes,I still wouldn’t be able to get sleepy

가슴은 아프도록 답답할 때 When it’s so frustrating to a point that my chest hurts

난 왜 안 되지 왜 난 안 되지 되뇌었지 “Why can’t I make it”, “why can’t I make it”, I pondered deeply

말하는 대로 말하는 대로 / Just as it has been said, just as it has been said

될 수 있다곤 믿지 않았지 / I did not believe that it could be done

믿을 수 없었지 / Of course I could not believe it

마음먹은 대로 생각한 대로 / Just as I have made up my mind, just as it has been pondered upon

할 수 있단 건 거짓말 같았지 / Saying it could be done was just like a lie

고개를 저었지 / Of course I would hang my head down low

그러던 어느 날 내 맘에 찾아온 / Then one day came to my heart,

작지만 놀라운 깨달음이 / a small but stunning realization

내일 뭘 할지 내일 뭘 할지 꿈꾸게 했지 / I got to dream of “what to do tomorrow”, “what am I gonna do tomorrow”

사실은 한 번도 미친 듯 그렇게 / Honestly, I have never been so crazily like that,

달려든 적이 없었다는 것을 / running towards something

생각해 봤지 일으켜 세웠지 내 자신을 / Of course I have thought of it, I woke my confidence up

말하는 대로 말하는 대로 /  Just as it has been said, just as it has been said

될 수 있단 걸 눈으로 본 순간  / The moment I saw that it is possible

믿어보기로 했지 / I decided to believe it

마음먹은 대로 생각한 대로 / Just as I have made up my mind, just as it has been pondered upon

할 수 있단 걸 알게 된 순간 / I moment I knew that it could be done

고갤 끄덕였지 / Of course I nodded my head

마음먹은 대로 생각한 대로 / Just as I have made up my mind, just as it has been pondered upon

말하는 대로 될 수 있단 걸 / Just as it has been said, to be able to make it

알지 못했지 그 땐 몰랐지 / I wasn’t be able to know it, I did not know at that time

이젠 올 수도 없고 갈 수도 없는/ Now it could not come nor could it go,

힘들었던 나의 시절 나의 20대 / the difficult season, my 20s

멈추지 말고 쓰러지지 말고 / Do not stop, do not fall down

앞만 보고 달려 너의 길을 가 / Just look ahead and run towards your path

주변에서 하는 수많은 이야기 / that’s the numerous stories that I’ve heard

그러나 정말 들어야 하는 건 / But really, the one that I should really listen to is

내 마음 속 작은 이야기 / The small story inside of my heart

지금 바로 내 마음속에서 말하는 대로 / Just as it has been said right in my heart right now

말하는 대로 말하는 대로 /  Just as it has been said, just as it has been said

될 수 있다고 될 수 있다고 / It is possible, it is possible

그대 믿는다면 / If you believe

마음먹은 대로 (내가 마음먹은 대로) Just as one has determined (I’ll do just as I have made up my mind)

생각한 대로 (그대 생각한 대로) / Just as it has been pondered upon (Do just as you have thought of it)

도전은 무한히 인생은 영원히/ Challenges are infinite, life is eternal

말하는 대로 말하는 대로/  Just as it has been said, just as it has been said

말하는 대로 말하는 대로 /  Just as it has been said, just as it has been said

Credit: MBC

공감함/I agree.

People will always tell you that you can do it. That you have the talent for something. But your biggest stumbling blocks from achieving success are: yourself and the situation(s) you are in. You will see those stumbling blocks as limitations: “I have to support my family, I’ll do it when I’m more successful”, “I do not have enough tools to do what I want to do”, “My dream does not make sense, I need to be more realistic and find a job that will pay the bills”, “That person has done it, I don’t want to be a copycat”, “I’m just a normal person, it’s impossible for me to do great things”, “Why am I stuck here, and not doing things I want to do”. Before you know it, you would think that it was to late to strive for your dream.

At least I have been in that spiral and difficult seasons of not believing that it is possible. But I have been blessed to have parents who believe in me and friend who has been telling me that I got the gist for it, even when I was telling myself all of the “ I can’t”s and “I don’t”s. But the one thing that boost up my determination is my own self. I told myself that If I don’t do it, I will regret it for the rest of my life. So I’m left with the only options: start paving the path and strive for it!

Credit: MBC

The snagging snail were right. The only voice that you would need to listen to is buried inside of your heart. Once you followed it, you will find the strength, motivation, and the zeal to make it. Whatever “it” might be.

Enough said.

I hope someone would be encouraged today to do whatever means to start doing things that you love *cause, trust me, it will love you back*. No matter if you’re in you’re 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, it is never too late and it is only possible if you try! As it has been said in the song: “Challenges are infinite, life is eternal; Just as it has been said, it is possible!”  Just do it, we’re all in this together! 🙂


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