The Flower Boy Next Door Who Brought Me Out of My Cave

This week’s Friday came so fast I thought today was still Thursday.

Dear Korean drama lovers, let’s do a #FBF (Flash Back Friday), shall we? Our #FBF will be filled with flower boys and a lonely beauty (Go Dok-Mi’s name literal translation) who has an extreme case of sociophobia. It’s (the only) one of  tvN’s *Flower Boy* series that I watched. 이웃집 꽃미남/Flower Boy Next Door/The Pretty Boy Next Door was adapted from a webtoon series. Thus, it explains the comical acts and concise storyline.

Credit: tvN

Go Dok-Mi experiences a pretty bad sociophobia, to a point that she feels more comfortable being locked up in a cave of her own apartment rather than going out and interacting with a single social being, called human, at the other side of her apartment’s door. The cause of her sociophobia? Her hurtful experience from being bullied that scarred not only her heart, but also her trust towards human being in general. Her lonely cave provides her what she needs the most: security. She even invented her own ways to survive and to entertain herself in her self-made prison *like using binocular to peep on the handsome, Han Tae-Joon, guy next door*. Everything was fine until one day Enrique Keum recognized her and barged into her cave.


Being hurt and keeping the “hurt” with you is easy and comfortable. By that I mean, it is easier to play victim and not to face your wounds, because man healing is painful! It is like avoiding to drink horrible tasting cough syrup to heal your forever ongoing cough. And like Go Dok-mi, you will slowly create *and blanket yourself in* your own bubble wrap to “protect” yourself. Oh how comfy that cave is! *been there, done that*. Each and everyone of us must have (had) that scar and bubble wrap in our own ways. But doesn’t it equal to running away from ourselves and from what we *great person* could have become?

Credit: tvN

So I want to dedicate this blog to the Enrique Keum’s character for shining brightly and confidently barging to Dok-Mi’s cave. And for not stopping until she could come out of it. I like the idea, of the writer of this webtoon, for picturing the character of Enrique as someone who is hyperactive, talkative, and always happy.  Consistency is key to help someone out. Lending positive attitudes and showing an example help. Even if it means that you have to go above and beyond your standard *of course being a clown is not what I meant, but you get it.*

So, today, I am challenging you to act on the Enriques in you and, with no judgements nor pity, joyfully barged into any Go Dok-Mis in your circle. Don’t think as if you can heal them, but just have the mindset that everyone needs a helping hand (or two) to make their first step out of their dark caves. So be brave, go the extra miles and stick with those Dok-Mis you know with sincerity until they can run and rule their own happy days again!


Love is when you give half of yourself

And in that space, fill it with half of the other person

That woman, the half that she wanted to give

  was dark and shy, so she pushed love away

That love is when two halves that were lacking join

  and become a whole

That woman has finally realized

Go Dok Mi:

Love is a wind-up clock

When it is new, it lets you know the exact time

As time passes and you forget to wind it up..

The clock breaks and stops working

That man, in order to keep the clock going

Even when time has passed, has started to wind it.


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