But we broke up! Scroll down for answers!

I’d like to think that somewhere in the globe is still Friday!

Hi all. Here’s me showing my commitment even after it has passed midnight. After cans of cola and many sleepless nights, the week is finally over.

This is going tobe a very short post, just because I’m 10 seconds away from passing out and tomorrow is going to be a big one. But writing therapy still needs to go on!

I just want to introduce you to the first webtoon *Korean manga/manhwa that you scroll down to read* that I read successfully from beginning to end all in Korean: 우리 헤어졌어요/We Broke Up.

I do think it’s a really good way to immerse myself in the language at a pace that I could follow *as I set it my self compared to the fast pace talking of drama peeps*. But if you still want to read the English version, they do have a different app for that. Plus Sandara Park of 2NE1 filmed a short musical drama version of it *I have only watched half part of the first episode and I’m being too harsh of a judge*.


I really like the story too  *especially the ending*!

Here’s some pointers from the webtoon for y’all going through of a break up *yes unnie, I’m starring at you and you know who you are!*

  • Get away! There’s no point in putting yourself in endless circle of painful nostalgia. You’re just gonna confuse yourself.
  • Move on! If you have not done it or still have stains from your own feelings, even if you have someone new who axores you to the moon and back, you’ll never get it. You’ll end up hurting that person and not knowing why would you feel like that.
  • Go outside the box! Of yourself that is. Find your new happy, get a makeover, find friends who could help you love yourself and when you are confronted with the memories of the past, you’ll be fine.

In fact, if you can help your self with those 3 pointers, you’ll find yourself saying “Oh that’s why we broke up and I’m totally fine with it” *walks away with confidence and joy*.


Bye world see you in a few hours.


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