Just like a first date – Sweet Sorrow

Happy long weekend Monday!

You know love is in the air when glistening rays on a chilly but sunny september look so pretty. Is it the fact today is a long weekend Monday or the fact that it’s my dear friend CK’s BACHELORETTE PARTY! WOO HOO *squeals as if I’m sending away my own baby* .
The ladies and I are having the time of our lives doing craftsy stuffs and binge nom-ing on yummy goodness as you are reading this blog. I seriously still can’t believe that THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Gah!

I honestly can’t think of any other song that can picture the excitement and the pink love bubbles that filled the atmosphere other that First Date by Sweet Sorrow *don’t be fooled by the band’s name*. Even if you do not understand the lyrics (don’t worry, I got you covered), you should be able to feel it from the jumping tunes that makes your heart jitters with all the mixed feelings love come with. Well that’s the way love work, right?

So here goes the lyrics and translations *coming soon after we’re done with our partay*:

첫 데이트 – 스윗 소로우
First Date – Sweet Sorrow

모닝콜 없이도 눈이 번쩍 / Even with alarm my eyes open wide
라랄라라 너와의 첫 데이트 / Lalalala a first date with you
이불을 박차고 널 만나러 간다 / I kicked out of my quilt to go see you
Hello, Hello
스땁따루라 뚜라랏따 / stubdarura stubdarura
오늘 그녀와의 첫 데이트! / my first date with that girl

진짜 좋은 노랠 틀고 / I listen to a really good song
귀찮은 로션도 꼼꼼히 발라주고 / I applied on some lotion meticulously which usually is too annoting to do for me
어떤 옷이 날 더 살려줄 지 / what kind of clothes that would help me
입어보고, 또 벗어보고, 또 입어보고 / I put it on, take it off, and try it on again
자, 이제 거리로 나가볼까? / Now, shall we go outside.

눈부신 햇살이 노래하네  / the blinding sunlight is singing
라랄라라 너와의 첫 데이트 /  lalalala a first date with you
가벼운 발걸음, 널 만나러 간다 /  light steps, I’m going to see you
Hello, Hello Hello

왠지 로맨틱한 거리 / a somewhat romantic street
나 오늘 왠지 좀 괜찮은 남자 같아 / I somehow feel like a pretty OK guy today
유리에 비친 내 옆모습을 바라보고 / I check out myself onmy side mirrors
씨익 웃어보고, 살짝 고쳐보고 / Draw a smirk, fix myself up as I see it

오늘은 얼마나 더 예쁠까 / How much prettier will she be today
손 꼭 잡고 거릴 거닐고 싶은데 / I want to tightly hold her hand and walk on thos streets
수줍어하던, 쑥스러워하던 / The shy and embarassed
그녀가 웃어주면 좋겠어 / It would be nice if she smiles today
아 사랑에 빠졌어 / Ah I fell in love

괜히 또 바보처럼 웃었어 / Somehow I smile like a fool again
라랄라라- 너와의 첫 데이트 / Lalalala – a first date with you
조금만 기다려, 너에게로 간다 / Just wait for a bit, I am coming to you
Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello

거의 다 왔다며 웃는 그녀의 문자 / That girl’s smiling text saying she’s almost here
서성대는 내 맘 벌써 두근두근 / My pacing heart is already pounding

그녀가 내게로 걸어오네 / That girl is walking towards me
라랄라라 그녀는 반짝반짝 / Lalalala that girl is glistening
웃음 띈 얼굴 뒤로 가슴이 뛴다 / Smile drawn on her face, my heart is racing

Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
라라라랄라랄라 / Lalalalalalala
라라라라 랄라라라라라 / Lalalala Lalalalalalala
라라라랄라랄라 라랄라라라 /Lalalalalalala Lalalalala

Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello
스땁따루라 뚜라랏따 / stubdarura stubdarura 
오늘 그녀와의 첫 데이트! / Today is my first date with her!

Fun fact: This Sweet sorrow song reminds me of our lil friendship world filled with our own osts and our love for acapella style music (and singing it).


The excitements of a first date, with that squirming feelings in your tummy, often make you feel nervous too. With each new chapters of a relationship, come the-first of everything.

For those of you embarking that new-first of everything, write the very first sentence with confidence. Imagining the good and exciting stuffs that will roll out, even things that will make you smile like a fool while thinking of it. Because I do believe that if you start something with good faith, even when things will go out of the rail for a bit, you will have the strength and confidence to make it work. Remember this chapter could only start because you fell in love and work hard together to make the journey a worth going crazy one for the both of you.

Keep that first date excitement,

Remember the squirming feels when you fell in love,

Promise yourself you will love your self and work together to make it the best roller coaster ride ever,

And enjoy the ride!

Love ya ri 😀


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