Jumokbap, the Korean rice balls

Ju-mok-bap or fist-clenching-rise is a Korean snack rice balls (or meal, if you binge on more than 2 of it). There are kinds of jumok bap out there, but the most basic needs for this yum treats are:
– Rice
– Crushed seaweed
– Sesame Oil
– A pinch of salt

Basic ingredients of jumokbap minus salt

For the fillings, you can go creative and put whatever protein or veggies that you like. You can even make them from fried rice. Anything you like.
If you choose to fill it with raw ingredients (e.g. carrots, mushrooms, ham) you might want to pan fried them with some oil.

Today I decided to make my kind of very easy version (from the already easy recipe) of jumokbap.

For this recipe you will need:
– Basic ingredients (1 cup of rice, 1 tea spoon of sesame oil, a pinch of salt, crushed seawee
– Leftover fried chicken, minced


tips: you can use any kind of store-bought seaweed and crushed inside a plastic bag. I’m using the already crushed and seasoned one. I using this kind of seaweed makes it more easier and tastier.

How to make jumokbap:
– In a mixing bowl, put in cooked rice, salt, sesame oil.
– Some people only use the seaweed as coatings but I love em so I also mixed it into the rice.
– I also mixed the fillings all together with the other ingredients. But you have the option of putting it only in the middle of the rice balls (like onigiri).


– Pour another serving of the crushed seaweed into a smaller bowl.


– Now you’re ready to start your assembly line.


– Grab a fistful (bite size or more) of the already mixed rice.


– squiz it into balls so it won’t break a part.


– cover it with seaweed as coatings


– done! you can enjoy it now!


Go ahead and follow this recipe, or free your creative culinary skills and make your own! Post your version of jumokbap and tag me on instagram!

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