T&T Supermarket and Korean Beauty Products

I could not be more surprised when I found out that T&T Asian Supermarket (well at least the one in Metropolis at Metrotown carries Korean beauty product.

If you’re a helpless fan of Korean beauty products like me, you will understand how surprised I was when I walked in the oh-so-exclusive pharmacy/beauty section. 

I was looking to buy shampoo and ended up buying at least 5 other things minus the shampoo that I wanted.

The Korean beauty products that they carry varies from hair-cares to nail-polishes, and from etude to unknown brands.

The little doubt that came to my mind is to question the age/freshness of the products, knowing that it’s an asian (more like chinese) supermarket and they are placed among Japanese and Chinese products (which can be more preferred in such environment). 

So in conclusion (already?!) this is a good alternative when you are in dire need of some face masks or a bottle of shampoo. I am not sure about the cosmetic items as I haven’t really tested them. 

Stay tune for more information for getting Korean beauty products in Greater Vancouver!


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