Sewolho – #PrayforSouthKorea

This week it is hard for me to write anything hopeful/joyful. You might have heard the news of the Korean Ferry tragedy that happened around 1 week ago near Jindo Island. The Ferry that carried hundreds of passengers capsized on its way to Jeju Island from Incheon. As heartbreaking as it was, the sorrow was added knowing most of the passengers was youth hopefuls from Danwon Highschool onboard for a school trip.

I have been following the news and updates from CNN, Yonhap News Korea, Arirang Issue, and many more. I understand that it is a sensitive time which shouldn’t be taken lightly. I also understand that there are unreliable information going around the internet (my only source). Uncertainty, despair, anger, and hope still are felt strongly. So this post is not meant to inform you of what happened as I’m not neither reliable nor accountable for that.

Through this opportunity, I would like to offer my deepest concern and regret towards this accident. As a human being. As someone who loves South Korea so much in all its aspects. This is my condolences and hopeful prayer.

Even though I’m not Korean,  and being outside of the country, I can feel the sadness, the fear and the anger. I am with you all in mourning the precious souls that were lost; in hope of miracle to find those who are still missing; and in encouragement and strength for the family and friends affected, the survivors, the divers, the volunteers, police, divers, and the rest of the country.

During that darkest moments, we also learned that there are people who sacrificed their safety for the save of many others. Heroes we called them. I salute their courage and bless their hearts. I know God is welcoming them to His side in heaven.

Even me, I feel like my heart is ripped and I shed tears every time I read/hear about this matter. If I could do something to help, I would. But now I only have my prayers. And I believe in the power of prayers.

I still believe and hope for a miracle.

And I ask you, whatever your faith or believe or stand towards religion is, if you’re reading this… to come together in thoughts and prayers for everyone.

Ps: If you know any online fundraising going on to send help and support for the family affected, please kindly let me know. Any kind of efforts are welcomed!

2014-04-23 18.25.32



I’m wearing my Donald Duck hooded-zipped-up-shirt when I suddenly remember what happened to me  couple of weeks ago. I was walking to the bank in Metrotown from home, wearing this silly clothing. Just one block away from the bank, I saw an old man walk passed me. He was smiling gently at me. I was confused. I thought, did something funny got stuck on me or something? – just then I realized I put a smile on that man’s face (hopefully brightened up his day) by just wearing something that is happy/funny/interesting enough to make others see and smile.

2014-04-23 20.25.54


So in the mist of sorrowful days like this, while praying and supporting everyone affected, I encouraged us to try to be positive. By putting a gentle smile in the way we tweet or write comments on the internet regarding this very matter, allowing those in grieves to put a smile even though just a tiny bit, knowing that someone out there is praying and supporting them. Let’s be just a bit like my Donald Duck’s tee-shirt ad put a small of amount relieve/joy to those who need it the most.



Lord Jesus Christ, in the light of Your victory in this Easter season, I beseech You to come make a haste to help everyone affected by this unfortunate accident. May Your merciful grace may grant that everyone can see You during this dark mournful time, put their hope in You, find courage for those being the extension Your helpful hands, and for all… strength courage comfort and rest in You. Jesus we trust in You!


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