This blog is back to life – and it’s now for good (i hope)

Hi hi!

Annyeonghaseyo! How are you all doing?

I have been missing for a long time this time. I don’t know how to begin, but to start maybe it’s nice to tell you that a lot of things on my checklist have been done and crossed out.

During this super long “break”, I gotten my B.A in communications!

SFU Convocation

I guess that was the biggest thing that happened.

Then came in personal this and that, and also job hunting. So once again I have let life taken over completely.

However, there’s a missing piece that I always yearn for. Something that might have define who I am today. And that is this passion towards learning Korean culture. So this time, I have pretty much figured things out, thus the re-start of this blog.

That being said, there are many things left unfinished like my post of going to Korea. I won’t delete them. But instead, I will change the title so It does not seem as a specific event. This bog will be undergoing major make over, so bear with me as I go through what works and not.

I will also put contents into my YouTube channel: TheEdreaMJ. So it will be more dynamic than ever!

Please look after and support the better and growing edreaMJ! 파이팅!!


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