Attempt 3 Day 1 – Airport

Hi all. Guess what? I’m in Korea AGAAAAIIINNN!!

Who would’ve guessed that a dream that was only a dream came true.. and this time for the third time!.

I hope on this trip, after losing either data, camera, or will to write the first and second attempts, I will be wiser by poating bit by bit. So, bear with me fir my chubby thumbs (read: misspellings and all).

Ok, so something interesting happened on my flight to Incheon. an Ahjussi who sat in the middle seat at the middle row claimed that he lost his money. My first thought was: How? He was sandwidched for goodnesa sake! But anyhow.. the flight attendants (which were soooo much nicer, attentive than A** **nada’s) tried to announce it to the whole plane and ask if someone found the money. Nothing came up.

So as soon as we landed, the cabin crew already have cops waiting to search the people sitring besides, at the front and back rows of Mr. 37E.

One guy was missing tho.. Mr. 36E. and two ahjussis who were asked to come fot tje ‘investigation’ worked up in Korean and suspect the foreugn man who was missing tobe the suspecy.

The end result? Iono.. I left watching ome of the guy was being queationed outside the plane.


I’m trying to go to Anyang station since I’m meeti g my friend (whom I’m staying with) at 12. I’m done with all immigration and lugage declaration by 8ish.

I wanted to take the subway since
1.ย  its cheaper
2. Ihave a lot of time

but my friend successfully convinced me that its better for me to take the bus.

I arrived at gate C. Had McDonald’s breakfast *Hah* since we didnt get any breakfast on the plane.

After that. Woah man! What should I do..ย  The fun part of the airport can only be seen during departure.. So I wantes to walk all the way to the other end of the airport and back *yeah.. killing time and excercise*

But here I am near terminal E, F.

Ok, this is not a comfession of the shopaholic. But everytime I see a convinience store, almost everytime, I rack my brain to see what I ‘need’ to buy.

This time I walkedpas GS 25

it is located just by arrival gate E, F.
My battery was gona pfftt and I didnt bring know.. power adaptor.. so I thought maybe I should by one.. But then I saw PPS SIM Card dummies. It’s more useful, I thought. I lined up. But they don’t actually have it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

AND I foumd an oasis/oase or whatever you call it. It’s a charging station where people can actually sit down to wait for their gadgets to be recharged.

I say YAY! But I think it takes a lot of trust to the people of *at least* the local society to have this thing as it is..

Hmm.. then Canada?

Writing a blog is actually an effective way to kill time. 30 more minutes and I will start my adventure! Woohoo!


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