and who says I’m not proud to be Indonesian?

A post I spotted on my Facebook timeline today really got my attention and I weigh as worthy to break my hiatus from blogging!

The post I found just now was this video:

YEP! It’s KPOP 2 awesome vocalist  효린 Hyorin & 이루 Eru!!

Eru and Hyorin
Eru and Hyorin

But they are not singing any Korean of Japanese, English or even Chinese song.. THEY ARE SINGING AN INDONESIAN SONG! And who ever said I’m not proud to be Indonesian? Even though the music bank was in Jakarta, it did not mean they have to sing an Indonesian song. Well, they are famous in Indonesia as Korean singers. They could have just sing their popular songs. But the fact that they worked hard to sing this song to the Indonesian audiences showed that they (the singers, producer of the show, whoever involved in deciding this song) have a really warm and sweet hearts and minds. #respect! It’s like shouting we cherish you Jakarta and want this moment to last forever, just like what the song is about.

For those of you who are not Indonesians, let me give you my elevator speech on the song: Kemesraan.

Soo.. Kemesraan, literally translated as ‘romance’ or maybe 친밀함 in Korean (?), is a golden hits song performed by Iwan Fals supported (or featuring) Rafika Duri, Itang Yunasz, Etrie Jayanthie, Jamal Mirdad and Nani Sugianto. They are big names in the history of Indonesian music industry in the 70s and well-known and respected until today.The song itself was composed by great song writers and composer (late) Franky Sahilatua and Johny Sahilatua. Before these artists — which were under Musica Studios entertainment label– performed the song, the song was sung and published to the public by  Franky Sahilatua dan Jane Sahilatua. However, the song did not get any recognizion from the public even when Iwan Fals performed the song with another Indonesian great vocalist Titiek Hamzah. Therefore the song was really turned into a golden hits thanks to the Musica Studios’ artists.

Kemesraan Casette Cover
Kemesraan Casette Cover

And now, what is the song about? It is a poetic song which talks about the beautiful things happen when two people are in love. The song compares the beauty and the peacefulness of being in love with the language of nature. Now, I know I’m not good *even terrible, I might say* in describing songs with my own figure of speech. Let’s just…let me translate the song, ok?! well, let’s just hope I can be as poetic as the song! *fingerscrossed* 

Kemesraan/This Loving Moment/서로를 향한 소중한 마음

Suatu hari

One day/언잰가

Dikala kita duduk di tepi pantai

when we sat down at the beach/헤변가에에 앉아있있던

Dan memandang

and we stared/우리보았지

Ombak di lautan yang kian menepi

at the the approaching waves at the sea/파도가 밀려오는 모습을

Burung camar

The seagulls/갈매기가

Terbang bermain diderunya air

Are playing and flying at the roar of the water/물위에 닿올올 듯 날아가는

Suara alam ini

The voice of this nature/자연이 소리

Hangatkan jiwa kita

Gives warmth to our souls/뜨거워지는 우리의 영혼

Sementara sinar surya perlahan mulai tenggelam

while the beam of the sun starts begins to sink/태양이 천천히 떠오르는 동안

Suara gitarmu

The sound of your guitar/들려오는 너의 기타 소리

Mengalunkan melodi tentang cinta

sways the melody of love/사랑을 노래하는 맬로디

Ada hati

There are hearts/서로를 향해

Membara erat bersatu

cindering closely together/뜨겁게 타고 있는 마음

Getar seluruh jiwa

the vibration of the whole soul/ 영혼을 울리는

Tercurah saat itu

poured out at that moment/순수했던 우리의 시간
Kemesraan ini

This loving moment/서로를 향한 소중한 마음이

Janganlah cepat berlalu

please don’t slip away/끝나지 안길

Kemesraan ini

This loving moment/서로를 향한 소중한 마음을

Inginku kenang selalu

I’d love to cherish it forever/난 영원히 간직할게
Hatiku damai

My heart is at peace/평화로운 내 마음

Jiwaku tentram di samping mu

My soul is at ease right beside you/네 곁에서 편안한 내 영혼

Hatiku damai

My heart is at peace/평화로운 내 마음

Jiwaku tentram bersamamu

my heart is at ease when with you/네 옆에서 편한 내 영혼

Now while I’m sending hearts 뿅뿅 to Hyorin and Eru for singing it at Music Bank in Jakarta, go ahead and put the song on repeat! 

Once again good job memorizing a total foreign song! Excellent job Hyorin and Eru (especially Eru, I have to pick who has the best Indonesian pronunciations 히힛)! 


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