New Things New

Hi my dears I.. no I cannot swear.. TEEHEE. But let me tell you I have a smart post coming up your way.

I just want to dedicate this one post as a *diary* of my new resolution I came up with last June: Try and/or do at least 1 new thing every month! For June and July, I kinda kept it in my memory journal but I want to share you from now on the list from August onwards (I’ll put on the June’s  July’s and August’s ones I could remember on top of my head for now). Let’s hope I can get this one rolling smoothly XD. Seeing how it goes so far, I can tell my life is fun and exciting afterall!

June 2012

Something I related to my spiritual journey that I could not tell you

Rode on a Limousine *yeayuhhh*, picked up a group of students from Brazil

Lynn valley 

July 2012

Done reading the book of Proverbs

Discovered (read: went for a haul) at Kim’s Market

Tried making a poster on photoshop, by myself, for the first time =Da

August 2012

MC-ing for the Powell Street Festival for the first time, and meeting Taiyo-Na ♥_♥

Tried Posh all you can eat hot pot for the first time in my 6-7 years of living in Vancouver =P

Midnight Drive Thru for McD’s ice ream coneee. lol

Helped a friend with a fashion photo shoot for dolls!

Tried Pajo’s fish and chips at Steveston’s Wharf and enjoyed the thrilling sunset beauty afterwards (major love and like! highlight of the

September 2012

I conquered my self! By that I mean by completing le 7 hours of hiking to Garibaldi lake. That was intense, I have to tell ya, but it was TOTALLY worth the fight!

Tried Persian food for the first time at Kazbah Restaurant in North Vancouver. After a long hike, food is always good!

(I lost my memory a bit)

HOOTSUITE! the highlight of this month is getting an internship as this awesome company as the Indonesian and Korean Community Ambassador. Awesomely exciting journey and doors for the future await me in the future! Big hugs to @Stephawie for helping me to go this direction! 

Railtown Cafe! Thanks to the treat @Stephawie!

Dance to ‘Love on Top -Beyonce’ at a friend’s wedding party with the bride and groom

Discovered Hyundai Oriental Food Market

October 2012

I claimed the new-things new as non-existence 😦

Starting a French lesson sessions with a friend (ahem..teaching..ahem)  does it count? hehee..

November 2012

Sun Peaks – Kamloops (pigging in and out, board-gaming, hottubbing with dear friends)

Picking up how to play guitar – then I shall create a YouTube video of me awk-dorkably playing?!! LOL


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