Oh Hi There!

Oh Hi There!! =D

I’m sorry *again* for the lack of posts for the past couple of months! My alibis is that I have been having too much fun in real life! I’m enjoying my last semesters at SFU while doing the Korean broadcast on CJSF radio. I am evolving like a butterfly personally and spiritually. I thank the almighty Father for that chance!

I have soooo many ideas of what to produce for this blog and also for my radio program in the future. However, the ideas, which I cannot disclose now, will need me to learn and sharpen a  number of skills in order to execute them. So, please wait on me! ^^

I’ll share with you some pictures from my recent birthday. I cannot be more grateful for the abundant love and blessings that I received everyday, especially on my birthday. I have learnt that you just have to open your heart a liiittllee bit to allow joy to consume you. Yes, I learned it the hard way. But I’m also grateful that I’m able to share it with you.

Another lesson that I learnt is that I also have to make efforts to make myself happy. I cannot stand being idle any more, waiting my problems to be solved to enjoy myself, cause it will never ends. C’est la vie. So.. my resolution is: I will try anything new at least one every month. Whether it’s food, event, place, or whatever.. With someone, some peeps, or no one to keep me company, I will do it! Hey! Life it’s too short to waste it on headaches, don’t you think?! =D

I’m really anxious and excited to wait and see what life has for me next! That includes: my graduation, vacation to prolly the Netherlands or to Perth, OZ to visit my aunts, and also le temporary stay in Korea! ♥♥♥ Looking at these itinerary, I bet I’ll be a single lady until I settle down, eh?! Oh well, gotta enjoy it before you can’t no more! ;D

I will come up with a Korean post next week! So please anticipate it!


Birthday pics:







Until then,




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