Hello To Myself

Hi my dears!

I just want to share an inspirational, if not motivational, song which I first heard from the newest-ongoing drama” Dream High 2. This song is called Hello to myself and it is originally written and sung by Yeeun 예은 – the member of  Wondergirls.

Credit to Wondergirls YouTube channel

This song has gained a lot of interests not only because it was popularized through the drama, but because a girl group member has shown the capability to write a good music. Using the words of the 9gaggers let me say that the faith of K-Pop is restored

On her twitter account, WG-Yeeun/Yenny explained her inspiration to her followers and fans alike:

I was hurting as I wrote the 2nd verse. I had to find myself back in 2006 when I was being rejected from auditions over and over again

The lyrics are honest. The melody is simple that it push forwards the emotion of the whole song. The lyrics are reflecting a conversation between the past self and the future self. How does it go? well you will have to read/listen it yourself.   To a person like me, someone who has not found success in meeting her goals, this song speaks in a slightly different tone compared to its original meaning and inspiration. Like any other poems/songs  out there, the interpretation is in the hand of the listener..

Yeeun Wondergirls Hello to Myself

Hello 여긴 이천십이년 이월…

Hello, it is February 2012 over here../Hai, di sini bulan februari tahun 2012…

아주 추운 겨울이야

It’s a very cold winter/ masa musim dingin yang sangat menggigit

Where are you? 얼마나 가까이 와 있니 그토록 원하던 꿈에

Where are you? How close are you from that dream that you want so bad/Dimanakah kamu? seberapa dekatkah kamu dari mimpi yang sangat kau inginkan itu?

여기 난 아직 넘어지고 또 울고
Here I am, still falling and crying again/Aku di sini masih terjatuh dan menangis lagi

다치고 지쳐서 일어설 힘조차 없어
I’m hurt and tired and have no strength to get up/Aku lelah dan tak punya lagi tenaga untuk bangkit

그치만 넌 날 보고 웃겠지
But you would probably see me and smile/ Tapi mungkin kau akan melihatku dan tersenyum
Hello to myself, hello to myself 울지 말라고 날 위로해줄래
Hello to myself, hello to myself will you comfort me by saying ‘don’t cry’/ Salam kepada diriku, bolehkah kamu menghibur dengan kata-kata: ‘jangan menangis?’
Hello to myself, hello to myself 할 수 있다고 너 말해줄래
Hello to myself, hello to myself would you tell me that I can do it/ Halo kepada diriku, bolehkah kau bilang ‘kamu bisa’

Hello hello 울지마 Hello hello 일어나
Hello hello don’t cry, hello hello get up/ halo halo janganlah menangis, halo halo bangkitlah
How are you 어떠니 꿈을 이룬다는 건 정말 꼬집어도 아프지 않니
How are you? how is it with fulfilling your dreams? doesn’t it hurt when you pinch yourself?/ Apa kabar? bagaimana dengan usaha memenuhi mimpimu itu? apakah kamu merasakan sakitn kalau kamu cubit diimu sendiri?

어쩌면 이젠 네겐 평범한 일상이라 때론 지겹니
Or is it sometimes boring because it’s become a normal routine for you?/Ataukah sering terbesit bosan karena semua ini sudah menajadi rutinitas untukmu?

혹시 너도 외롭고 지치면 여기 꿈꾸던 날 기억해줄래

If you ever get lonely and tired, will you remember me, who used to dream here?/Kalau kau merasa kesepian dan lelah, bolekah kau mengingat aku yang bermimpi ini?
Hello to myself, hello to myself 여기 날 생각하며 웃어 줄래
Hello to myself, hello to myself when you think of me here, will you give your smile?/halo diriku ketika kau ingat aku di sini, tersenyumlah

Hello to myself, hello to myself 가슴 벅차게 행복해 줄래
Hello to myself, hello to myself will you be overflowed with happiness/halo diriku, semoga kau berlimpah kebahagiaan

Hello hello 웃어봐 Hello hello 그렇게
Hello hello go ahead and smile, hello hello just like that/ halo halo tersenyumlah, halo halo seperti itu
Hello to myself hello to myself 여기 날 생각하며 웃어 줄래
Hello to myself hello to myself will you smile when you think of me here/halo kepada diriku, bolehkah kau tersenyum saatkau ingat aku yang ada di sini
Hello to myself hello to myself

So, there goes the lyrics and translation in English and Indonesian. And based on your own personal story/experience, have comfort and/or enjoy this song! Share some thoughts if you like on the comment below! Don’t forget to buy the song through the official sites such as iTunes or MeLon

credit to http://www.melon.com

Until then,



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