Fish-Shaped Pastries

Have you ever tried this pastry snack shaped like a (crucian/carp) fish which filled with red bean paste? I first saw this snack when I read Japanese manga back then when I was still in elementary school. Fast forward a few years, I found this food item in the Korean culture. Well, I don’t want, or rather, I don’t know whether this snack is originated from Japan or Korea; nor do I want to raise the debate. I just want to raise this yummy thing to your attention ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…

Fish shaped pastries

붕어빵 is literally translated as carp (fish)-bread. It is a pancake like snack which is usually sold at an open air vendor on the street, usually during winter. It is traditionally filled with red bean paste. However, there are more varieties these days: You can have the one filled with custard sauce with different flavours or even the one with some veggies in it.

Some other alternatives and variations of bungeo bbang are as followed:

(credit: wikipedia and The Voice of Korean Entertainment)
  • Gukhwa bbang/국화빵:  chrysanthemum cake – it is essentially identical to bungeoppang, only it is a flower-shaped pastry.
  • Gyeran bbang/계란빵: lit. “chicken egg cake – it  is filled with egg and it has a shape of rounded rectangle.
  • Hoddeok/ 호떡: Korean sweet crispy pancake – it is stuffed with brown sugar, peanuts and cinnamon. Hoddeok derived from the Chinese style savory pancake, modified to adjust the Korean taste

If you’re in the Greater Vancouver area, you can find a food vendor that sells bungeo-bbang and hoddeok. *yes, you’re very welcome*

The hoddeok and bungeo-bbang vendor
The hoddeok and bungeo-bbang vendor

The food vendor is located in the Lougheed area, on the lower level of the North Road Mall Center, out side the Korean Plaza and the Hannam Supermarket. They are open Monday to Saturday 11 am- 6pm. If you will ever have a craving for this snack on Summer time, they usually open a stall at the Richmond Night Market.

menu and business hours

They sell 2 kinds of the Korean pancake: sweet rice pancake and the vegetable pancake; and 3 kinds of bunge0-bbang filling: red bean, vegetables and custard.

Hmm what else do I want to inform you with? Oh.. I’m not in anyway endorsed by them. I just want to share good food. umm yumm. All you in Vancouver, better try this yummy snack as the weather is still perfect! Warm and sweet pancake on a cold day?! What can be better?!! kkkkk.

heoddeok in the making

Okay.. I have to run and catch my lecture now. But I promise to post some pictures later on tonight.

Until then,


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