David Choi’s Forever and Ever Show – Vancouver

Hi my lovelies, how are you doing?

If you followed me on twitter, you might know that I had been promoting David Choi Forever and Ever US/CA tour in Vancouver. And I think I posted my ‘rants’ on how I failed my first live radio interview. Anyhow.

Today is THE waited day that he performed in Vancouver. Thank God it wasn’t raining like crazy and the Canucks won the game (vs. Minnesota). It was a good sign of an awesome night, right?!

The location of the show was at the RIO Theatre, just across Broadway Skytrain station. It was David’s first all ages performance in Canada. *yay*. Unlike the two other shows, we had comfortable seats. This way, we did not have to sweat like crazy nor did we have to elbow each other to get the best spot to stand. It was all good.

Seating on the 2 rows behind me were a group of Indonesian students who simply could not stop talking and yelling in Indonesian (even during the performance). As if David could even hear or understand!! I was kinda pissed because of that aaaannnddd because of my cellphone (wich I hoped i could’ve used to record and take pictures of the show) was acting on me. It was dead =(… but hey those things can’t take my excitement away as I found out that the ‘special guest’ on this show was New Heights! Say whaaaat?! The musicians I’ve been repeating their songs on my phone over and over again?! yeayuuhh! It felt like I got really awesome present! 2 of my fave musicians in one night?!! ♥♥♥♥

New Heights sang a number of songs from their album Something to Believe In. Although there were only 2 of them: Travis and Kiyung,  helped by Taco (David’s bassist), they successfully mesmerized the audience with  their music and great personality/stage act. 

And then came the star of the day: David Choi.

When he smiled while singing the first couple of songs, I wondered why did he ever smile-less in his early videos again? Anyways… it seemed like He enjoyed what he was doing. And it was enjoyable to watch.

Love what you do and it will love you back

This time he made jokes a little bit more, and guess what? He rapped. a little. I will show it to you guys after my friend post the video somewhere on the internet. Hahaha

No significant difficulties during the show. But it felt kinda distance compared to the other performances because of the seats. However, with his great personality and interaction with the audiences, David somehow had succeeded bridging that gap.

I could not believe that he actually stayed until he greeted all of those who stayed for the meet and greet. I think this is one of the trait that makes him lovable by everyone who meets him. For me, it was nice that he remembered who I was and gave me a hug! Thank you, David.

It was an awesome night by awesome people with awesome friends. What more could I ask for?

I hope David Choi, and the rest of the crew will have tons of fun for the rest of the tour. I also hope that  New Heights a safe drive back to Seattle. Thanks for the constant inpiration and reminder to work hard, have perseverance, be nice, and be humble. =)



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