The first live on-air radio interview

As some of you might know, I have been doing a music show at CJSF 90.1 FM for the last…well almost 2 years now, I guess. I basically play music playlist from the CJSF library. However, I always try to integrate music and information of Youtubers and Korean music.

As you also might notice. I’m *what people usually called* a fan of David Choi (D-Choi website).

This coming February 9th 2012, He’s going to Vancouver as one of the stop of his Forever and Ever.US/Canada tour. Fortunate enough, Hi-Vancouver Korean language exchange meetup offer to sponsor 2 pairs of tickets for me to giveaway to my listener.

WOW. What? Please say that again?”ㅋㅋㅋ

After a few miscommunication and stuffs, The giveaway started to take place on my program.

I was kinda half kidding and half serious when I blurted out that I wish I could get David Choi himself on-air. Thanks to Kevin, he made everything possible.

While I was very much excited, I realized that I have to be very well prepared. Afterall, it was my first interview and I’m doing it live.

I wrote my script, came to the studio more often than I should to ask the station managers some technical stuffs. I thought: OK, I get this, let’s make this happen!

Or so I thought!

I encountered some technical difficulties which resulted in a domino effect for the rest of the program that day. I have to admitted that I made too many mistakes. The script and the preparation went out of the window.. Just like that.

What made me feel really bad is that I made a lot of mistakes when interviewing a person whose works I love and respect.

It’s a learning curve” said my sister.
No matter who the interviewee was, it was my first live interview and I’m doing it all by myself. I came to a conclusion that the mistakes were bound to happen.
Panicking doesn’t go well with multi-tasking (controlling the log, sound board, music selection, 2 computers, trying to get the skype right). Lesson well learnt.

Nope, this time it’s not an excuse.
If I never made this mistake, I would never made the first interview; Thus, I would never made that one step forward.

Again, if you admire the person you’re working with, you would want to do a flawless job. That was where it hurts the most.

I hope David Choi and the my listeners would be able to understand.

As I passed this stepping stone, I pray that I will grow more and put more effort into doing what I love.

아프로 더 잘 할거에요. 다음 기회에 더 열심히하겠습니당!


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