Happy Pepero Day – The Millennium Year

Finally it’s the 11 – 11 – ’11 in Vancouver time

Happy pepero day all my Korean and Korea lovers readers! =D

if you don’t know what pepero day is let me first explain to you what ppeppero/pepero (빼빼로) is! Ppeppero is a stick like biscuit/pretzel, usually covered with chocolate and/or other flavoured syrup. It’s the Korean brand/name/version for Japanese snack called Pocky.

pepero & pocky

Pepero day is celebrated by the young people (both singles and couples) in South Korea. It is celebrated on every 11 November, well, because 11/11 resembles ppeppero/pocky sticks. Right?! hehehehe

Anyhow, according to some sources there are some theories of how this celebration emerged. But the most interesting story for me is the one which said that

[it] was started in 1994 by students at a girls’ middle school in Busan, where they exchanged Pepero sticks as gifts to wish one another to grow “as tall and slender as a Pepero.

source: wiki

No matter how it was started, the tradition of giving pepero to dear friends, family members, and ESPECIALLY to the person one like, has been very popular in South Korea. Hmm.. I wonder how much profit could the *ehemm* brand names of this snack could get in just one day?! =D Not only buying the ready-made pepero, some people even make/decorate their own pepero sticks! *share your beautiful pepero pictures if you will on the comment below/on my facebook page =)*

My friend Chris told me about the pepero day last year. The way he told his story reminded me of Valentine day, somehow.

Anywayysss.. I hope you will get manyyyy manyyyyy peperos! ] Or if the ‘culture’ has not reached you yet, just buy some and enjoy it (by yourself or share it with anyone)! it’s the millennium year of pepero day after all! 11/11/11 =P

Oh last but not least.. I’m presenting you 2 Fun Videos about Pepero Day from vloggers/bloggers I love!! 

Pepero Day in Korea – by Simon and Martina of eatyourkimchi.com =D

PEPERO SHOWDOWN – 빼빼로 쇼다운 – by p00lman feat Hyunwoo Sun – 선현우 of talktomeinkorean.com

Happy Pepero Day from me ♥♥

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