Solo trip to Seoul – Day one: almost got deported

I’m now back to reality. It’s so hard catching up with this semester’s readings. gaahhh.. but that’s OK. I’ll work hard because it will be over before I know it…… right? anyways.. here is the recap of my solo trip to Seoul, Korea on my way back to Vancouver

An almost heart attacked in Incheon aiport

I arrived on September 6th, 2011. I almost had an heart attack at the airport. OK the thing is, I did not have enough time to go to the Korean embassy in Vancouver, so I told my mom that I would apply the Korean visa in Jakarta instead. I had the form filled and pictures ready before I flew to Indonesia. When I arrived in Indonesia, my mom told me that applying the visa at this time of the year would be a little bit difficult (It was the month of Ramadhan and offices were about to close for holidays) plus I needed my passport to go to Singapore to accompany my dad for his chemotherapy. OOOPPPSS!

Anywaayss.. my mom called the Korean embassy in Jakarta and explained the situation, and they said that I don’t need a visa because my final destination is Canada! OK…. we kinda believed it. But to be safe, My mom told me to go there in person and asked (I brought along with me all the document needed for applying visa). When I arrived there, the police who was acting as the receptionist as well, gave me permission to cut the line. I was just about to explain the whole flight details when the local staff just hurriedly said that I do not need to apply a visa this time. OK problem solved… or so I thought!

At the  Soekarno-Hatta airport on September 5th afternoon, the check-in staff also triple checked my situation and saying that I’m lucky to have the Canadian PR card with me.

sooooo what happened next? let me continue after I finish my reading!


-to be continued-

Update (30 October 2011)

Okay.. finally I have THE time to update my blog *phew*

OK. So I arrived at the Incheon International airport, South Korea. My heart was beating fast as I’m excited and worry at the same time. Hey! It’s my first solo trip to a foreign land.. =D

I lined up for the immigration gate thingy. I was praying that I did not get into any trouble. The lady was scary looking, if you know what I mean! but maybe it’s the poker face that any immigration officers in any country have to have? iono. She checked my documents, ask for this and that, check my flight itineraryagain and again, my passport again and again and my Canadian PR card again and again. One thing that crossed my mind: Dang it I’m in trouble.

And trouble it was. I was asked to go to the office. handed in my passport and waited to be interviewed. Apparently, even though I’m holding a Canadian Permanent Residence-ship. My flight has to be a direct flight from Seoul to Canada. Any transit (via HK or somewhere else, even though only for a couple of hours) will void the eligibility of the privilege to skip the visa application thing.  I said sorry and some other thing in Korean and I guess the officer ahjussi was satisfied. I was warned tho, next time no matter what the embassy say I have to apply for a visa! I said yes and thank you. I finally entered the land of my dream! kkkk

YES sir, lesson well learnt. and thank you for letting me into your country!! =D

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