Korean invasion – 2 weeks in Jakarta

Haiii… I can’t believe it’s September alright.. and here I am at the boarding lounge of Hongkong international airport, waiting for my flight to Seoul, South Korea. 2 weeks in Jakarta was intense. Family visit, visit to the dentists, hanging out with my dear crew/besties, super major clothes hauling/shopping at malls and in Bandung, trying to shoved down all the food that I missed in sooooo short time.. so yeah, there went my time to write a blog. But since I now have one hour left to wait mor my flight, i will try to write down my Korean experience in my own hometown, Jakarta. aaannnd here it goes:

As soon as I landed in Soekarno-Hatta International airport in Jakarta, my parents greeted me and took me not straight to home, but to places the needed to visit. The first stop was at Flavour Bliss in Alam Sutera. This place is pretty new for me so let me try to describe it. It’s like a block of two of stores selling food and food only! crazy, eh?!! Anyways.. my parents first tookme to this place called Istana Buah or in plain english: The kingdom of fruits. Obviously it’s a supermarket selling various kinds of fruits. Surprisingly.. I found it tarted to sells other packaged food, and a lot of them are Koreans product (pictures will be posted later)

Yep… I was kinda shocked and not since I now my neighbourhood was and still has a lot of koreans.

What surprised me is that I found waaayyyy more Korean products, supermarket and restaurants and they are fairly well spreaded throughout the city.

We have now Lotte Mart. Wholesale and retail sale. I found it interesting to find Lotte Mart as many as I could find Superstore or London Drugs in Vancouver.

Korean products are sold not only in the Korean supermarket. Korean Ice cream now can be bought in most of the regular/local supermarket. Interesting, eh?!

When I was last visitedJakarta, The only Korean supermarket was Mugunhwa. Korean restaurants could be found in Block S, my neighbourhood: Karawaci and Serpong, and around Gandaria area. Now, you asked? In every mall! and it’s 2-3 Korean restaurants per mall.. whoooo!! I didn’t get to try any of them since
1. My parents went to one of them and they said it was not that good
2. I rather filled my tummy with Indonesian food.. kkkkk =)

With these findings, I’m pretty impresed with the aggresiveness and the confidentand power that the South Korean has shown in Indonesia.

My dad told me that the South Koreans started to come to Indonesia in the 60s. Look how they have survived so far.

Say… is it because South Korean love their country/product so much or they are amart keeners?


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